Future kitties and Current kitties!

Amber FrielAmber Friel WebsterMember Posts: 690
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Well, not much is scortching for conversation in \'Choosing the Right Cat\' section so I thought I would get something interesting going. Okay, so over at dogster a while back they did this thread that was called tell about your breed. Well I wanted to do the same thing but on catster. Cause to be honest I don\'t know as much about cats as I do about dog breeds. So I figured this would be a fun and interesting way to gain more knowledge. Basically you tell about your cat such as behavior, temperment, personality, grooming, etc. Anything you wanna say about your cat and any info on the cat breed you\'d like to add would be great! And the second part of this thread after you tell about your current kitty, tell us what you want to own in your future. Can be either adopt, rescue, or from a breeder :)


  • Amber FrielAmber Friel WebsterMember Posts: 690
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    I will start with my cat Stinkers! Ragdolls...so much I could say about them. They truly are a joy to own, and I am sure others will agree with me. They personality is so unique, and any dog lover would LOVE them because they have characteristics like a dog. My stinkers follows me everywhere, all over the house, room to room like a side kick. He comes to me when I call his name. An he is one of the most affectionate cats I have met. He is shy of people he doesn\'t know or trust, but the ones he knows he is a big lover. Grooming them can be difficult at times but not to bad if you give them an every day brushing. As far as future kitties for me: -Offcourse I want to adopt from a shelter, or rescue. But breeds I would love to do so with would be... â—‹ I will forever own a Ragdoll - Blue Lynx Division(Male) -Chocolate Point (Male) -Another Flame Point ( Male) â—‹ Maine Coon ( will also forever own one) -Pure Black (Female) -Cream Silver or Classic Cream(Male) â—‹Persian -Pure White(Male) -Pure Blue(Male) â—‹Domestic Short/Med/Long -Smokey Blue Color (M or F) -Silver Tabby(M or F) -Brown Tabby( M or F) - Darker Tortishell(F) Grant you I won\'t all of these at once, but would like to own them someday.
  • Amber FrielAmber Friel WebsterMember Posts: 690
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    Maine Coons- Gentle Giants of the cat world is what they are called. Sucha cool cat another cat that has dog like personalities. They are active in their younger years but mellow out as they get older. Sylvester use to be a helian when he was younger, now he mellow and layed back. Grant you he still has his spunk in the morning time :))! Grooming is a hasel, they have greasy furr so therefore it can be frustrating at times to groom these guys. But its totally worth it, this was my first breed of cat I owned. They have showered me with tremendous amounts of love and continue to do so. They have captured a place in my heart :c9
  • Amber FrielAmber Friel WebsterMember Posts: 690
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    Norwegian Forest Cats, my goodness where to begin. This cat breed isn\'t for everyone. Quite rambunctious as kittens, and in the early years, and well into the later years. Some never just settle down. Bella is all over the place, he knows when something new is in the house. An he has to always be the first on top of the new thing. He is the michevious kitty would likes to scratch whatever he can get his claws into. Some say curiousity kills a cat, well if thats so bella would have been gone a long time ago. He is so smart, one of the smartest I have met, guess he out smarted curiousity as well. These cats activity level is about the activness of a border collie. Bella is Go-Go-Go. I let him out in early morning and he stays prowling outside for majority of the day. I absolutely love the breed. They are very beautiful creatures.
  • Amber FrielAmber Friel WebsterMember Posts: 690
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    La Perm/ Angora- These cats are very distinct from other cat breeds. They are aloof to ones they don't know, and very VERY lovey to the ones they are closest too. They tend to bond with one individual opposed to many. Grooming is a menice they coat is so soft it tangles and mats INSTANTLY. I suggest if you get one of these kitties, you should be dedicated to grooming.
  • Amber FrielAmber Friel WebsterMember Posts: 690
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    I forgot to add to my wonderful list! â—‹Egyptian Mau(Brown Tabby)
  • Hannah EastmanHannah Eastman ChicagoMember Posts: 880
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    domestic shorthairs otherwise known as moggys. nellie and alexis are both very sweet and gentle. they never bite and never show aggersiveness. they both love attention and to be petted. i fell in love with type of cat after adopting them. they love to play with there toys and look at nature out of the window. they are very loving and love to be around people. i also like the fact they all have different purrsonalties
  • Jessica DanielsJessica Daniels Member Posts: 35
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    I will forever love Siamese (or Oriental Shorthairs) and I don't think I could ever not have at least one in my family. Ever since I was born my family has always had this breed, nothing else. Up until a few months ago, when I rescued my darling, Sipr (who seems to be very much like a siamese in some categories), I had never had any other breed. Siamese are so loyal, loving, graceful, energetic, and intelligent. I don't think I could have a cat that didn't want to constantly be around me. Growing up, I've always come home and was greeted by chattering kitties with their tails straight up in the air, happy to see me. And who needs a TV when you got these guys? Siamese retain their kittenish playfulness well into their old age. Even with all their energy, they are more than happy to cuddle with you. I know a lot of people who describe cats as aloof creatures that only come when they so desire. Never so with a Siamese. These chatterboxes NEED to be near you at all times. And my Thrall is a shining example of the Siamese character- he wants to love EVERYONE. Boldest and friendliest cat there is.
  • Jessica DanielsJessica Daniels Member Posts: 35
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    ooo and I forgot the blue eyes! How lovely those are!
  • Mary WaltersMary Walters Milton KeynesMember Posts: 6,959
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    I have 5 moggies, all different personalities. 3 rescues, 1 chosen and 1 born to one of my queens. I love them all. What would I like to own? A siamese or oriental, but it must be a rescue, age don't matter, could be a tiny kit or an old stager. Up til having Ginge as a kitten, I always adopted older cats as a preference.
  • JessicaJessica Long Island, New YorkMember Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭
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    Have always and will always own rescue cats (domestics, moggies, whatever you want to call them). Personality and physical appearance vary extremely widely. Any "purebred specific" personality or physical trait people want in a pedigree, you will find in a domestic!
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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    Since Hunter doesn\'t have a specific breed, I\'ll just talk about him, and how chaotic he is. :) Turkish Van (Although not likely)/Maine Coon mix/DMH/Moggy= Crazy. Always on the move. Smug attitude. Water lover. I\'ve never had a cat like Hunter. He knows what he wants, and what he doesn\'t. Major licker. Follows me everywhere. Comes when called. Dog in cats body basically. Bonds majorly with one family member, although friendly with the rest. Very curious towards strangers. Whiner. Grooming is a challenge. Still can\'t figure out his fur. No undercoat, doesn\'t mat. Life is never dull when Hunter is around. I would love to own a purebred Maine Coon and/or a Ragdoll. I like big cats. However, at the moment, Hunter is all I can handle. :))
  • Amber MayAmber May HarareMember Posts: 60
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    Mother of May here. All breeds are awesome! I share my life with five moggies at present (and forever). They all are of feral origin. Three girls and a boy are short hair and one girl is medium hair. They have great and sweet personalities and so different from each other. They are very unpredictable and surprise us all the time. They make us laugh a lot. Feral cats are very smart and super-intelligent, life taught them to be this way and it's inbred in them. You might be surprised - they are really great guard cats, better than dogs. They pick up danger before our dogs do. If they love you - they will warn you. They travel very fast if need be to deliver a message. They don't alarm for nothing, but if real danger - they come wake me up and growl, pointing at a direction of danger. It's twice now they saved us from break-in and robbery, which happens a lot around where we live. They also can be healing cats. Some cats do this kind of thing. May - my first - is the one of them. She managed to heal my terrible neck pains when she was around 6 month old. Then she moved to watch over my husband more - she basically guards him day and night, sleeps with him and is there when he has his bath. My husband is old and has heart problems and May knows that. All our ferals are very affectionate to us, but not well sociolised, which I encourage in them because I see strangers as danger to cats in many occasions, because of animal cruelty and such. I love my kits to bits. I agree with all the other posts, but my personal like would be Siamese and Egyptian Mau. I read a lot about these breeds and just love them for what they are. But I love any cat that looks like a cat and IS a cat, LOL! Unfortunately I will never have my preferred breeds for companions because I believe in rather saving life then getting a kitty from a breeder. But that's just me. Feral cats are my love and life and I will always be surrounded by them!
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    Meowma has always only had rescue kitties, until she got me. Now, she will always have a rescue or even two around, but since meeting my family she can't imagine ever being without a Burmese again. Not only are we beautiful, we have a very short shiny coat that feels just like satin--never seen any like it on a moggie. And as a whole, our breed purrsonality is totally captivating; we are specially bred to love people! We are highly interactive, and love to play fetch or with other toys that involve our humans playing with us. Besides, we are highly intelligent, and are always doing amusing things. But we aren't as vocal or as rambunctious as, say and Aby or Sphynx which are real high energy cats. And Meowma has yet to see an ill tempered Burmese even though one of our cat books says they are grumpy with other cats--however, it's a UK book, and the Burm over there is not the sam. The ones who have visited here have been able to have run of house after a surprisingly short intro time in the cat jail. even when being bathed, having nails cut, whatever we are not mean. Meowma has very very rarely seen a rescue/regular old cat with a purrsonality like us, in fact only one which was our recently lost BooBoo. She chose Burmese because we were the breed that as a group acted most "BooBoo-like". Meowma is now involved with showing us, and if she ever gets another kind of purebred, it would be a lovable, Teddy-bear of a British Shorthair. But that would be far in the future. For now, it's Rory, me, and Meowma may get another Queen next year. As it's turned out we have had other, visiting Burms for one reason or another for the past 6 months, and Meowma loves it!
  • Kelly McCoyKelly McCoy Member Posts: 44
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    Domestic Shorthairs/Moggies I am currently mommy to two 11mo old crazy kitties that we adopted from our local humane society last November after the passing of our 17yr old cat from old age/kidney problems. Nandi is the first one of the kitties that we choose, but really I should say that she chose us. She was asleep when we were checking out the other cats at the humane society but once she woke up and we saw her, it was love at first sight. She\'s got big beautiful golden eyes and has turned into a chubster. She\'s a chirper and is almost always happy and purring. She loves to chase bugs and sit in the shower (but hates getting a bath and being blow-dried). Nandi is the mellow one of the two and will come when called. She\'s mommy\'s girl but has been following daddy around the house a lot more lately and sitting by the glow of his computer monitor. Izzy (Isabelle) has a lot of look of a Russian Blue but I dont really know what she is for sure. We chose her from the humane society the same day as her (adoptive) sister. She\'s an instigator, likes baths, loves being blow-dried and brushed (I cant seem to shower alone so when I brush my hair before I shower, I run my brush over her a couple times- she loves it), and loves catnip. Izzy usually will just stare at you when you call her, as if to say, yeah I hear you but what do you want. She\'s daddy\'s girl but has been following me around more lately. I think they\'re taking turns! Izzy also likes to try to climb the doorways, no joke. *Pandora- where did you get that floor to ceiling climbing scratchy mat or did you make it? Isabelle would love one! As for future kitties, I\'ll watch Cats 101 and find at least one breed per episode that I\'d like. I have a soft spot for long-haired kitties (my childhood cat was a long-haired gray and white beauty) but I\'d take just about any kind. I do like to adopt from the shelter and give a cat a home rather than buy a cat or kitten.
  • Kori LugarKori Lugar LubbockMember Posts: 104
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    Cornish Rex! They are extremely social even with new people, and love to cuddle when they are in the mood - mine sleeps practically on top of my face at night and comes when called. Similar to the Ragdoll, they will let you pick them up like a baby and just go limp in your arms. They are comical and endearing, but can also be nosy and pushy. They always know what they want and when they want it, and will go to great lengths to get it! Mine is very vocal - he has a different sound for just about everything. They are also quite agile and very unique looking. Grooming is easy since they have such a short coat which is wavy and luxuriously soft. However, the scent glands in their paws are more powerful than most other breeds so they do require monthly bathing if you want to keep the odor from becoming noticeable. I will most likely always own a Cornish Rex, but it would be cool to have a Devonshire Rex to see how they compare. I also have a domestic shorthair that I adopted, so I would like to adopt again in the future (probably an older fat cat that's been at the shelter for a while :D).
  • Anna DuchAnna Duch Member Posts: 170
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    Memphis: my short-haired skinny kitty. Very long, lanky, and talky, so I think she has some Siamese in her. She has stripes that only come out in the sun and one or two strands of silver. Beloved nutty nut case, she tested my furniture, my drapes, my pant leg, the bathroom sink -- everything. Very adventurous and a smartie, probably from Siamese/oriental cat type. Sleek coat, no maintenance minus the cleaning up of her white (!) undercoat -- she's a smoke! Tenny: A cat with horizontal and vertical stripes and spots! Much more mellow, probably from being more of a mix than Memphis. While her fur is longer than Memphis, she doesn't need any maintenance other than cleaning up when 'stuff' gets stuck to her bottom. She's a little bit of everything, can be playful, but she's a complete sweetie and cuddle bunny when she trusts. She's far less likely to get into trouble than Memph. I would like to own a full Siamese -- like the personality, but also the look of the cat as well. Maine Coons are up there too for the gentle giant aspect everyone's talked about, as is the Siberian. I'm somewhat intrigued by the Sphinx or a bald kitty. Ragdoll is also a lovely animal -- very sweet. In all honesty, I probably will adopt two FIV positive kitties in about twenty years after Memph and Tenny have both crossed Rainbow Bridge. It's hard to see them listed, because other than a potentially shortened lifespan, they're healthy cats -- all the parts are there (which is more than I can say for my Tenny!) Breed doesn't matter when it comes to that. I'm torn when it comes to getting a kitten or an older cat. Memphis was my first pet ever, and her kittenhood was ... interesting for both parties! I might want to try it again, knowing what I know now.
  • Carole TrammCarole Tramm United StatesMember Posts: 4,348
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    All of my cats have been rescues and owner surrenders, usually they are tabbies but one was a Siamese and tabby mix, and Vincent is a Siamese mix as well. Both of them have had a lot of the stereotypical Siamese attributes. Loud, extremely playful and pretty active, loving to be up in high places, very affectionate but tending to have a couple of specific favorite people. Any future cats I get will also be rescues. I planned on my next cat being from the local shelter, which is very high kill. But Vincent needed us just as much since he came to us with FLV and conjunctivitis after being abandoned by his suspected-hoarder (the individual's house always has a lot of cats and they just let the cats run all over not vaccinated and not spayed/neutered) owner. How true it is that the cats choose you, not the other way around. I think my future cat will probably also be an abandoned cat that showed up, since that now seems to be an ongoing pattern; a sick or special needs cat abandoned by their former home shows up one day and sticks around.
  • Emily WilchaEmily Wilcha Member Posts: 21
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    I have only had two American shorthairs and a moggie (apparently manx, Japanese bobtail, and something else). My favorite of the three was my moggie, Wilbur. His purrsonality was similar to Emily's, but she never liked him. Despite being the same breed, Patricia has a very different purrsonality, so I can only meow about the breed's physical traits. If you want to pet the world's softest fur, look for an ASH. They have it and will purr when petted. I also love the size, shape, and colors. Except for pointed patterns, they can be any color or color pattern. I had a tuxedo and still have a brown/white tabby. Someday I want to get an American tortoiseshell.
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