Should I had a kitty join me in my journey of life?

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Ahhhh!! So I had typed up a two hour long post of my situation, and had it ready for someone to read to tell me whether they believe I should welcome a kitty into my family .. But it made me log in again and had deleted my entire post! So I shall make it short and sweet! I am going to be college for Paramedicine (which is a part-time, two year course). I will be living hours away from any family. I have always been attracted to animals over people, so I seek companionship from animals more so than from humans. I currently have two dogs, Scout doesn't mind cats, more so ignores them. Mickey on the other hand adores cats. I'm pretty sure he thinks he is one! He is always trying to cuddle with my parents cat but Bearcat doesn't like dogs so Mickey cuddles from a 5 foot distance but he wants to snuggle ohh so bad! :)) The kitty would be living in a dog and cat filled home for a bit before moving with me to college so they understand that other dogs and cats are good and is socialized. I will be at school three days a week for four hours and will likely have a part-time job. But even then, that isn't much time spent out of the house. I already have an emergency fund saved up for emergency vet care (currently around $2000). Plus by getting a part-time job, living expenses would be covered. I will mention, if you guys find me to be a suitable parent to a kitty where I would likely get my cat is from one of the farel cat packs near where my grandparents live. My grandpa has a garage which is shelter to farel cats. They are very nervous around people, and we tried to live trap them but they were to smart to fall for that -we were planning on taking them to the vet to get fixed. Since none would come near us, and none fell for the trap so none went on to be fixed. There always seems to be kittens there, and I always try and find homes for the kittens since they are quite friendly. So knowing that there are almost always a kitten needing a home there, I thought if I was a good candidate for welcoming a cat to my family, farel cats would be a good option. Atleast with cats in a shelter, they have suitable shelter. The "garage cats" as we call them, have dog houses filled with wool and fleece blankets, but in the blistering cold winter and the boiling hot summer .. If it weren't for my grandmother -and their hunting instincts- they wouldn't have any food or water. So I thought, why not give one a life in a home? .. Or maybe two. IF you guys think I would make a good cat mommy! I know how long cats can live -my grandmother had a cat that lived to the age of 30! They are a lifelong committment, and I only want what is best for the cat. Whether that is with me, or remaining in the wild. So would you say I should welcome a cat into my family? Or should I leave it? If you have any questions for me, please ask!! I want to make sure the cat is given the best life possible, whether its with me or not. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! This post was originally three times as big, but the page being refreshed has spared you likely an extra hour! :)) Thanks again guys!!


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    The only question I had was whether a college student would be prepared for how long a well cared for indoor cat can live...and you answered that (30 years for your grandma's I think if I was picking from a litter of feral cats and choosing a kitten who would be okay with dogs and other animals, I'd choose a friendly male kitten (maybe even an orange tabby like me) and have him neutered by 4 months of age. Good luck.
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    Sounds like you have thought this over, and are making a good decision to add a kitty to your household. When you go away to college it will only be the kitty with you? If so, I would suggest taking two kittens - littermates, and they would keep each other company while you are at school or work. If you could trap and socialize two of the feral kittens that would be great!!! And we agree, whatever you decide - have the kitten(s) spayed or neutered. I am owned by two sets of brothers and sisters - Louis Armstrong and Emma Barrett, and Jack and Jill Teagarden. Good luck and keep us posted.....we want to welcome your new furry family friend(s) to CATSTER. The New Orleans Kitties
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    It sounds like you have it figured out....The cats will outlive the dogs usually. The money sounds like a lot but it can go with one problem so be aware of this. I had a cat that had FUS, hyperthryoid, and diabetes. I hate to tell you how much the cat cost but he brought us love. When I see a vet, I never think too much about how much it will be but will the treatment help.....This is why I stuck with two pets. It is what I can afford and how many I can bring at once to the vet. Do you have enough room for all of them? Indoor cats outlive outdoor cats and can be healthier. Will you feed them a good quality of food? Will you have the time for all of them.....If your answers are yes, go and get another and make sure that you have a back up plan if something happens.....My daughter has assured me that she will take in my cats if something happens.... Good luck whatever you do....
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    LOL ohh dear! I type this up around 1 in the morning and I should expect some grammarical problems, but one being the third word in my sentence! Awful! :)) Alright! Back on track now! Leo - I think I am going to get females, because right now my whole household is all testosterone! Need a feminine touch in there I'd say. :)) Jack - Yes the kitty would accompany me to college, the dogs would stay at my parents since a lot of places do not allow dogs, but DO allow cats. That actually was gonna be one of my questions to you guys, whether or not if it would be better to get one or two, but you've answered that for me! Definitely would get two then, don't want the one to be lonely when I'm not there. Thanks for the warm welcome! :D Will definitely keep you posted, but I wont be going to college until next year, but I am pre-planning to make things go a bit more smoothly! Natasha - Ohh I know! Our dogs have cost us a fortune, but they are well worth the money. I will certainly keep adding a percentage to the fund. I will not be going to college until next year, but I have this obsession of pre-planning everything to ensure things go as smoothly as possible! I will definitely have the vet check for problems, and even though they might be sick, I wouldn't be able to give them up just because they are sick -unless in pain and it would be better for them to be put out of pain. For any illnesses, I'm always up for paying for the treatment. I get to make it feel better as well as giving it a home to stay in, a double bonus! :) Yes, currently my parents have been kind enough to care financially for my dogs, and they said that once I have a good steady, permanent job that they would get me transitioned into paying for their medical care. The dogs, they do cost a lot but still a managable amount by looking at what my parents pay and by what I'll be making as a Paramedic. Calculations so far look pretty good -a few calls to some local vets to determine the cost of the basic health care of the kitties. It should work quite nicely. I will be only bringing the cats to college with me, so at that point two cats in a apartment should be good. Right after college I will be buying a home of my own -where I plan on buying, houses are great prices for the size and quality of them, so I expect I will get a good house to live in for a while. I will aim to feed them Blue Buffalo dried food, with some wet food -unsure of brand type to get, suggestions? I definitely think that I will have enough time, right now my dogs are quite spoiled from so much attention, so I could definitely dispurse it among the four pets -two dogs and two cats. My brother loves my dog Scout, he thinks of him as his own baby at times. My parents claim Mickey basically as their own already, and they tell me all the time that they are going to be depressed when the dogs have to go when I move to my home after college. The cats my parents said they would take, if completely unable to my grandmother has said she would be willing to. If you guys think of anymore questions please let me know!! :D I just want to make sure the kitties will be in the best of hands. Make sure it's the best thing for them. :)
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