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I need to be with my owner ALL THE TIME...I mean 24/7!!!

David QuinonesDavid Quinones SpringfieldMember Posts: 8
edited 14 February, 2012 in Behavior & Training
I was a small kitten when I was picked up by my owner and since there was another male cat in the house, I was confined to an enclosed porch where my owner has his room. So I was with him for a long time and have grown very fond of him and slept with him every night and was always on his lap when he was using the computer. He definitely loves me very much as I do him but now if he is missing for any length of time I yowl and cry incessantly and hide under the bed or behind the entertainment center and I stop eating. I just can't be away from him for any length of time and the other humans that live here try and console me but I push away from them and hide and cry all the time. He is at a loss as to what to do since he was away for a week and I stopped eating and hid for days at a time:(( He wanted me to write to the great cat people @ Catster to see what he can do...He loves me so much but it's hard when he can't go away for any length of time without me becoming a wreck....HELP!!!!!!


  • Ralphie RandyRalphie Randy Member Posts: 399
    edited 13 February, 2012
    Aw, poor Mowdi! When you say "any length of time", do you mean he behaves this way any time you leave the house? Even for your regular daily schedule, such as work or school or whatever? Or does he only freak out when you're gone overnight? Are you gone from home often, or is it an infrequent occurrence? I would suggest that you discuss the problem with his vet in detail, and get recommendations on how to proceed. If his behavior is a reaction only to a change in normal schedule, he might benefit from an anti-anxiety drug such as diazapam, both to help him keep calm and to stimulate his appetite when you are away. I'm not fond of drugging cats, or any creature, just to calm them down and make them conform to how we think they should behave. But this sounds like kind of an extreme case with the hiding from housemates and refusing to eat. A lack of food can quickly become very dangerous for a cat. Please get him in to the vet for a thorough exam, and go from there. Best of luck!
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
    edited 14 February, 2012
    Hi Ralphie and Randy (wow, you all are growing!!):-h We agree, the vet might offer some suggestions and medication to help the cat deal with his person being away. And, leaving a piece of clothing you have worn, especially a t-shirt might help comfort him. Perhaps he feels he will never see you again....poor cat. Keep us posted, there are so many CATSTER members who can offer other suggestions and support. The New Orleans Kitties
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 14 February, 2012
    Do you have a kitty uddy? Meowma always felt 2 were easier, especially with cats like you. Poor old BooBoo liked us 'ok' and we kept her occupied sone of the time, so made it easier when Meowma wasn't home. When Meowma came home, pssh, BooBoo forgot about Rory and me but was somewhat less clingy and definitely less pitiful than when she was an only.
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