Do I need to diet?

Jennifer McMillionJennifer McMillion BeckleyMember Posts: 230
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Hi guys. I have a question. I weigh about 20lbs and EVERYONE says I'm fat. Mom is worried that extra weight may put stress on my heart and other organs ... and since I have health problems to begin with, she is worried a lot. When I got sick with anemia, I lost down to about 12lbs and way WAY too skinny ... so I think losing maybe four pounds would be good for me. Anyways, all of us kitties eat Evo. Capone and Macavity are normal sized kitties, its just me that's fat, so mom doesn't think its the food. Also, I don't eat a lot more than the other cats, but I'm still bigger. Dad told me to do sit ups and I thought EVIL thoughts towards him. Is it possible that I'm just destined to be XL? Anybody have any suggestions to keep me fit and healthy? I don't want mom to worry about me so much.


  • Veronica MorrisVeronica Morris El Cerrito/SF Bay areaMember Posts: 14,677
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    Hi Keoko, I tend to be a fat cat, too! The answer isn't to change your food (we eat Evo, too!) it's just to give you less of it. Unfortunately, my mom has figured this out and now I only get 1/4 cup a day of Evo!!! That is just not enough I keep telling her. At my largest I weighed 15 lbs but now I'm down to 13 and I tell you I am too thin! I can actually reach all of my body to lick and everything. I have a kitty sister who is not so fat, so we're fed in separate rooms so she can be sure I don't get into Willow's food. If mom forgets to shut the door, though, I'm over there in a jiffy to scarf it down! Sometimes I get soooo hungry that I follow the dog around when she's playing with her treat ball and try to catch any pieces she doesn't see! I do feel healthier, and you probably will, too! Keep in mind that you don't need to be purrrrfect. I think I've convinced my mom that 13 lbs is an ideal weight for me even though she says she'd like me to loose one more. I think it's a good compromise... I looove my food!
  • mailani hornmailani horn san pedroMember Posts: 173
    edited 27 February, 2006
    that is good food. yes, you should try to lose some weight. us cat's can die from diabetes becuase our parents think the more they feed us, the more they love us, but it isn't true. the slimmer the better. tell your mom not to free feed you and that way she can feed you an exact amount a couple times a day.
  • Jennifer McMillionJennifer McMillion BeckleyMember Posts: 230
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Unfortunately, I don't get to free feed. We all eat a 1/2 cup of Evo a day. My brothers are just MUCH smaller than me. 1/4 cup sounds like I'll just be soooo hungry, but mom says I gotta lose some weight. I guess mom knows best.
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