Travelling across the Atlantic!

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Hello, I thought I would just post here and see if anyone has had any experience moving their cats across the globe. I will be moving back to Canada from the UK in about 2.5 months and I was hoping some of you would have some experience/advice or tips. As it is a trans-Atlantic flight, they won't be able to travel in cabin with me, but instead will have to go in cargo which I am quite worried about. I have emailed a pet travel agency to ask about whether or not it was possible for my cats to fly in cabin with me and they told me that "pets are not permitted to leave the UK in the cabin. They all have to travel in the hold, it is a special hold designed for pets and is therefore heated and pressurised the same as the area we travel in." I have bought 2 medium Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion airline crates (28x21x22"), which I now think may be too large for them. I have also emailed a couple of pet export companies who have quoted me anywhere from £900 to £1,535.44. Is that standard? Has anyone has a particularly good experience with a UK-based pet export company they can recommend? The problem is British Airways doesn't accept animals not booked through a pet travel agency, so if I don't want to use a pet export company, I would have to take my cats on the train down to London which I'm afraid might be more stressful for them. One of my cats is rabies vaccinated and microchipped and I plan on getting the other vaccinated and microchipped as well. Before they leave, I know they require a health certificate to be completed not greater than 48 hours in advance, is there anything else? Hope someone can help, I am super worried about how they will do on the trip! Thanks!


  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
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    I have only moved mine about eight miles from one home to another, but I know there are CATSTER members who can offer suggestions. One thing, be SURE, VERY, VERY SURE the doors to the carriers CANNOT come open. We have read of a few kitties being lost this way, some never found, and one found, but in such poor physical condition he later died. I have seen people recommend bungee cords, but think a small padlock on the cage door might do the trick. Good luck, and keep us posted..... The New Orleans Kitties
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