Blue Diamond foods

Cassandra NoneCassandra None Member Posts: 406
edited 3 May, 2012 in Food & Nutrition I jus watched a local (if Nashville is regarded as local to areas outside of Nashville) new blurb about Blue Diamond pet foods. Their final comment was do NOT touch it, just return it. I don't know if this will relate to cats - currently it is just dogs - but I'm just sayin...


  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 3 May, 2012
    Dog food and cat food, is processed, from the same machines, so ya gotta hope, they clean them real good, before going from one kind/type, to the other. Thats how Blue Buffalo ran into trouble. They processed a vitamin D something, and did not clean the machine properly, before processing the doggie foodies, the result, too much vitamin D, and doggies got sicky. I raised you know what with them, told them one of Bump's specialist's from Wash DC was gonna be a callin them, if they didn't fixy it. That conversation, you could of sold tickets too, the specialst said, they ain't gonna be happy, if I have to call them. Taste of the Wild, is one food, I recognized, from the list. If you feed it, you might want to check out the codes affected, and make sure, the bag you have or buy, is a later code date. Bump from the Bridge
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