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Water fountains

Andrea DailyAndrea Daily GainesvilleMember Posts: 72 ✭✭
edited 1 June, 2012 in Food & Nutrition
I am in the market for a stainless steel fountain that can hold enough water for five days. Patricia has some extra food bowls and litterboxes but needs an electric waterer to survive while I am out of state next month. That is because there is nobody who can catsit for me. She never saw any kind of waterer before and is almost 16 so I need to buy one ASAP to make sure she likes it before my flight to Columbus, Ohio. Requirements: 1. Stainless steel 2. Easy to clean 3. Quiet operation 4. Pump and filter 5. High star rating Does anybody have suggestions?


  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 28 May, 2012
    The Drinkwell fountain brand is always highly rated; they have several styles and price points available
  • Hannah EastmanHannah Eastman Member Posts: 182
    edited 29 May, 2012
    we have the the raindrop fountain in black cermaic and we love it. she brought off amazon. we had drinkwells we dont like plastic ones very much they always seem to get dirty so fast and got gross after awhile so we switched to cermiac
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 29 May, 2012
    There are some stainless steel and ceramic fountains at All fountains make some noise because of the air pump that circulates the water. Some may be noiser than others. The noise is generally a low humming/vibration. If you've ever had a fish tank before with an air pump, that's what a water fountain sounds like. How long will you be gone? Are you planning to have someone check on the cat daily to make sure she is ok? I think a cat would be ok by itself for a day or two but any more than that you really need to have someone check on the cat and make sure there is plenty of food and water and the litter box is clean (unless you have a LitterMaid or other auto cleaning litter box?) and let the cat know that it hasn't been abandoned. Can you ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check on the cat? Or ask one of the vet techs at your vet's office. Many vet techs do pet sitting on the side.
  • Tiffany BiererTiffany Bierer FranklinMember Posts: 56
    edited 29 May, 2012
    I have used both ceramic and plastic fountains and my cats will only drink out of fountains. They both can get gross. One way I manage it better is to use bottled distilled water because it leaves less mineral deposits and helps keep the motor functioning for a lot longer. Even with the plastic fountains, it stays cleaner longer. Still clean them out every week. I do like to stick with ones that dont splash a lot because they get messy and scare the cats
  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
    edited 30 May, 2012
    I wouldn't run a cat fountain if no one is there to check on it. There is a warning with all these fountains ... While the capacity of the Drinkwell® Platinum Fountain has been increased, it is not recommended that any appliance be left running unattended for a prolonged period of time as the water may get consumed or evaporate and cause the motor to run dry. There could be a chance of a fire then. 5 days is a long time. Water evaporates very quickly even in the fountains and then you have the cats drinking it too. It would be fine if you had someone stopping in daily to fill up the fountain but then I guess you wouldn't be looking to buy one. It would make me nervous to run one with no one there but the cats. I don't think worth taking the chance of a fire.
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 30 May, 2012
    We have a stainless fountain off Amazon. It holds alot, but would not last gfor 5 days. The cats drink, and just due to evaporation, the water level will drop. And it would get yucky too. The only thing I could maybe think of is to freeze a block of water & put it in a new clean dishtub or something that would hold & stay fresh.
  • Andrea DailyAndrea Daily GainesvilleMember Posts: 72 ✭✭
    edited 1 June, 2012
    Merlin: because I just moved less than six months ago, I don't know anyone in Gainesville except my sister, her family, and my doctors. Although we do know our condo complex neighbors a little bit they have dogs, not cats, and aren't close friends Mom can trust with her unit keys. So there is nobody who can go to my condo except two full-time doctors with a 6-year old and twin babies. I can't do anything about their inability to come more than once, which is just being nice because they don't like cats very much anyway. Mom finally decided after reading lots of Amazon reviews buying a fountain is a horrible idea because she realized it can only be used when someone is home and the whole point was to make sure Patricia has enough water during my trip to Columbus. So I gave in to her requirement that it be a gravity style water bowl, not the kind with a pump and electric cord. I bought both the water and food containers to have a matching set at Petco. Unfortunately, all that time spent looking at waterers was wasted. Patricia's age (almost 16) and breed (American shorthair) made her a horrible candidate. She decided drinking nothing is better than drinking out of a black and white tower with a shallow bottom. We were not surprised. After 15 years of using a regular bowl, any scaredy cat would turn up its nose at that thing. So I took both back to Petco and bought two very cute ceramic bowls that hold ~8 ounces of food or water. They were irresistable: black and white feiling silhouettes all around the outside and on the bottom.
  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
    edited 1 June, 2012
    If you could get someone to just come once - maybe on the 3rd day to just check to make sure they are ok, not stuck somewhere etc and fill their waters up, I think that would be good. Maybe even scoop out the litter. It is hard when you just move to a new place. There might be petsitter companies in your area. My son has someone come in for 1/2 hour a day or so whenever they are gone to put out food, scoop litter and fill the water. It has always worked out well. I like Maizy's idea of the block of ice. But still 5 days is a long time without any check on her at all. Will she space out her food or will she eat it all in the beginning?
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