how i chose my cats

Lauren FrancisLauren Francis Member Posts: 122
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hey all, thought i would write a little story about how i came to adopt all my babies. Spaz found me, in a rainstorm and i let him in and he has been mine ever since. then i decided he needed a friend so i took him to the humane society and let him pick out one, named her abby. then i just wanted to get another so i went to the humane society sat down and waited to see who came to me, thats how i got callie. then i had a tiny kitten who passed away and i went to the humane society to get another that looked just like him but this one kitten would not leave me along and she had a patch under her chin that was just like the other kitten so i pulled some money out and brought her home right there, shes named arizona. and thats my lil cat family :)


  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
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    Coop sort of lobbied for me...even though I had pretty much already decided that he was about to become my next furkid. He fell asleep on my ankle during our first visit. Then, when I put him back in his kennel for the day, I put my finger up to tell him he'd be home soon, and he wrapped his tiny kitten paw around my finger. I've been wrapped ever since... Purrs, Coop's Mom
  • Elizabeth KElizabeth K ChicagoMember Posts: 11,036
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    Except Roxy, my current cats were feral rescues so they pretty much all chose me...
  • Ashley CoventryAshley Coventry New York CityMember Posts: 10
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    I love reading everyone's stories |^| I found Panda living in an abandoned parking lot in the Bronx and convinced myself I would return her to the street after giving her a bath and a meal. Then I noticed she was limping and next thing I knew I was paying for her broken leg. Then the vet told me she was expecting 4 kittens...So I really only picked one of my cats, and then the other two just sorta came as a package deal. Best decision I have ever made.
  • Leeann BooneLeeann Boone HartfordMember Posts: 2,212
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    Lizzie was out our dogs groomer ladies shop for adoption. My neighbors picked up Belle for me and her brother for them. Both of them pretty much chose me tho.
  • Cassandra HattCassandra Hatt OntarioMember Posts: 167
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    We rescued a cat named oliver, he was a stray and nobody claimed him. Then after four years with him he developed kidney failure and we had to put him down :(( But then the secretary told us a cat just had kittens in the shed in behind the vet office! There was only one left that nobody wanted, so we decided to take him. One week later we got Cleveland the little fuzzball:D His Mom lives in the vet building now so when we go she's there to see her son...he's about twice the size of her though:))
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