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Best cheap food for stray cats

Annalee AielloAnnalee Aiello Member Posts: 227
edited 6 December, 2012 in Food & Nutrition
I seem to have adopted some neighborhood stray cats. My cats get the expensive grain free type food, but I can't afford to continue to give that food to the stray cats. What is a less expensive food that is still decent? I don't want the super low quality food that is just fillers, but I'm hoping to find something a step above that. Thanks for any suggestions!!


  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 19 October, 2012
    I feed Friskies pate flavors to my fosters to keep costs down without feeding too much junk. The quality of the protein may not be high, but at least it IS protein. Those pate flavors are pretty high protein/low carb and my fosters have done well on it.
  • Laurel KowalskiLaurel Kowalski Gateway to the WestMember Posts: 486
    edited 19 October, 2012
    Now, you say food. Wet or dry? You say cheap. What is cheap for you? $20, $30, $40 a month for how many cats??? Do you have a club membership to BJ's, Sams Club or Costco??? How many pounds of dry in a month or how many 5.5 oz cans in a month do they eat? PS, the Black Friday sale at Petmart is worth saving every dime now to save big. Petco has $5 off $25 coupons on their adoption weekends.* They also check their expiration dates and mark down food to clearance them. Ask the manager when your Petco is in clearance mode to get some deals. Look for the Oops tags and save. * Send me a message, I'll send you the link.
  • Romeo RhettRomeo Rhett Member Posts: 25
    edited 23 October, 2012
    Kirklands from Costco is a pretty good one for the price. Fancy Feast Classics is grain-free but not very filling since it's mostly by-products. I like buying Wellness in the large 12oz cans.
  • Jordan SpivaJordan Spiva Los Angeles,CAMember Posts: 355
    edited 26 October, 2012
    I've always liked Taste of the Wild. Both forms are good, although if your going to be feeding mobs of stray cats dry may be more practical since the wet might just be sitting out there spoiling. If TOTW is too pricey you could go for Felidae
  • Catherine BogartCatherine Bogart San JoseMember Posts: 767
    edited 19 November, 2012
    The ferals in my neighborhood eat Healthwise dry food. It's not the best, but it's not terrible by any means. Any canned food that goes out is immediately eaten by skunks, but for some reason the skunks seem to leave the kibbles alone!!
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 29 November, 2012
    What I do for my colony may seem a bit weird, but they seem to love it. I take 1 6 oz can of 9 Lives - usually a pate type, and break it up in a large container. I add 2 cans full of warm water & probably about 2 to 3 cups of Boots & Barkley dry or whatever I get from the TNR sponsor I belong to. Stir it up & serve! It is kind of cute listening to 6 little kitties sipping sounds of the water juice. This way I know they are getting some water, and with the cold weather, I put a lid on the dish & use hot water - then let it soak a bit to soften- it seems like a warm hearty breakfast for them. I have fat happy ferals. I wish I could afford to feed them all wet food, but at least they do get some. Boots & Barkley is at Target.
  • Michael LonerganMichael Lonergan Member Posts: 222
    edited 29 November, 2012
    The Feral in my garage eats Nutro wet, same as my indoor cats. I think I'd need to know what cheap is to you and if you're feeding a wet or dry diet or a mixed diet. Fancy Feast classics is pretty decent. I don't know about Friskies or 9 Lives, never looked at their ingredients. Can you give a little more detail and approximately how many kitties you are feeding?
  • Helen LugoHelen Lugo JonesboroMember Posts: 46
    edited 2 December, 2012
    Feed a good quality dry and canned food. I'm sure they would even appreciate some raw! I recommend reading The New Natural Cat. They have tons of good recipes in there for cats. But, your finances really determine what type of food you can feed the strays. I know I want what is best for all cats, even the ferals. Stay away from any bad ingredients. Don't use anything that has byproducts or corn as the first ingredient. Although, it really depends on how many strays you are feeding. I have been feeding ferals cats for years. Many of my neighbors will even give my cat food to feed our neighborhood ferals! It's mostly low quality stuff, though. I trap and spay/neuter as many as I can, too. The strays look better than some house cats I've seen! I feed them dry food, canned food, and add some supplements, too.
  • Romeo RhettRomeo Rhett Member Posts: 25
    edited 4 December, 2012
    Petco has Canyon Creek Ranch 5lb bags of dry food on sale for $9.99. Regular price is $18.99. Use their $5 off coupon listed on the Petco website and get each bag for $4.99!
  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
    edited 6 December, 2012
    i buy cat chow or kitten chow for donations to the stray cat pet food bank. while it isnt ideal, it has the most meat in it as far as cheep food goes. By cheep, im talking under 15 bucks for the big #16 pound bag. do not get any of the other varieties such as indoor or senior. and stay far far away from meow mix. If your able, i would get 9lives or friskies canned cat food in pate styles (the other ones have wheat glutin in them for texture so stick with original or pate style)
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