Are lion cuts stressful for kitties?

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I have my Elvis who has a mat on his belly very close to the skin and we do not feel comfortable removing it. He has had a few in the last year or so but nothing very significant. We try to groom him but he is completely against it and will fight (we've tried various combs, brushes, furminators). He also fights when we clip his nails or at least try. On his medical chart there's a large "caution." Anyways. I was wondering if it is stressful for a cat to receive a lion cut (vet recommended giving him anesthesia so they can do the cut) or is it stressful AFTER the lion cut when they realize there is no fur left? I just want to do what's best for Elvis. I know that mats are painful which is why we wanted to take care of it asap. Any info or thoughts would be great!


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    I think it is more stressful for them to have mats. I now have my Moms long haired cat living with me, I am unable to brush her she is a swatter so I have her get the lion cut 3 or 4 times a year...I know she feels so much better once she is clean and her hair is cut.... When I first brought her to my home she was one solid mass of mats, the groomer comes to my house and she showed me that her fur came off in one big continuous mat of please get his hair cut...she has sores and her skin was all red. Now it isn't anymore because I make sure she gets her lion cut...besides I think they look so cute afterwards. Kandi lion hair cut kitty :-h

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    We are going to get it taken care of! Just wanted to make sure that the plan for a lion cut was the best choice as opposed to just having his tummy shaved. He sometimes gets them (he's really only had 3 or 4) on his back where its been fairly easy for us to snip. We've been trying to brush him while he is sleeping since we can get away with it for about 2 minutes while he is still asleep. Thanks for your input!
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    I started giving Sassy a lion cut-like clip when he turned 14 as he was unable to groom himself anymore and he protested brushing as it aggravated him. Without him grooming himself the brushing had to be increased and he would get so upset, I decided to shave him (I work at a grooming shop). I got him used to the clippers by leaving them out and feeding him near them. I would turn them on and then give him a treat. After a couple weeks Sassy would go over to the clippers and headbutt them until I turned them on as he associated them with a treat. When I first went to shave him he was happy to lay down and get a treat every 10 minutes or so. The second time, he fell asleep while I was shaving him and that is how he was every time I shaved him after that, he would just go to sleep. As for them feeling strange after getting the lion cut, the first time Sassy was licking his fur and then he started running around the house, I thought he was going crazy or scared as Sassy never ran unless food was involved...then I realized he was actually chasing shadows coming through the window. Sassy got much more playful when he was shaved and seemed much happier. I think that having the mat is stressful for the cats as it pulls on the fur and limits movement. It is uncomfortable for the animal to have constant pressure on that one spot. Shaving them usually makes the animal happier and more active as the pressure and limited movement caused by the mat is gone.
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    Thank you for your input! I will have to try the treat thing with the nail clippers or with a brush. I have a feeling that we will continue with the grooming for Elvis. Its so hard to clip his nails as well and I'm sure they must be uncomfortable for him at this point. I wish they could speak sometimes!
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    Why not just get his belly shaved? :-k
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    The vet is going to try to shave the belly or just snip the mat. We are assuming that Elvis will end up being aggressive/hard to hold which will be even more stressful for him. We figure if he is going to need anesthesia to snip the mat, then they might as well just shave him (unless that's extremely stressful for him). We also noticed this evening that he smelled like poop. I'm guessing his belly was upset to some extent and he pooed all over his back end but had trouble cleaning it.
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    I am a Siberian breeder. Each beautiful boys and girls get lion cuts due to the mats which form and due to the heat which comes to the high desert for the Spring and Summer. Stress for animals, is like stress for people...sometimes we just have to take action whether it is stressful or not. Mats twist and pull the skin and can become a problem both in their discomfort and in skin reactions to those areas. Infections can develop where the skin is pinched together. I see our job as 'parents' of these do anything we can to keep them healthy and happy. (Happy comes when your skin isn't pinching :D Vets/groomers can be a huge help if one has difficulty handling the animals for the procedures they need. You can't 'please them all of the time', but 'most of the time';)
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    I have a bad hairball problem and I HATE being brushed, so I get lion cuts a few times a year. While the process of getting the lion cut is not my favorite thing, I LOVE having short fur. I always spend a day or two rubbing and rolling on everything, and I'm extra cuddly for days after my haircut because it feels so nice to have short fur!
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    I am with Sherpa on this. I hate getting my lion cut, so mom does it in a few days because i am old and get stressed from the process. However, I love mom and dad SO much after that i climb on their lap for a deep snuggle and purr within 15 minutes after, and constantly until my fur starts to grow out too much again. i love being pet after a cut too. mom can scratch me and it feels soooo good. before I would twitch lots cuz it was uncomfortable to even be pet. But I have skin issues.
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    Psst, Star...we need a picture of you with your lovely fur-do! :D
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    It's definitely better for kitty to have smooth mat free fur. Shorter is probably easier for them too. It's harder to lick yourself with big mouthfuls of fur in the way. We've had long haired cats and I used to keep their under tail area and fur between paw pads super short all year round.:^:
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