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New Cat Depression

Chelsea TartariniChelsea Tartarini Thornton DenverMember Posts: 44
edited 14 February, 2013 in Behavior & Training
Hi everyone, So we got a new cat 3 days ago named Tiki, and she seems to be depressed or sick (Wally had the sniffles and gave it to her but that's it). I'm not sure though. She was extremely affectionate when I met her and when I brought her home, same with yesterday and whatnot, but today she's just so distant from the world. She hasn't been eating at all since we brought her home, and she's been drinking very little. Today she's extremely lethargic and isn't motivated to even leave the bathroom. Her eyes are very glassy, and again she just seems extremely uninterested in everything. Is it common for a new cat to become depressed when you bring them home from the shelter?


  • Chelsea TartariniChelsea Tartarini Thornton DenverMember Posts: 44
    edited 11 February, 2013
    Update 2/11/13: I think she has started feeling a little better. She was running a little bit of a fever yesterday, and so far today there isn't a sign of one. I had forgotten that this is how Wally started out when he got his cold, he ran a fever for one night and then started getting better after that. She's purred a little and is more alert today, but still lethargic.
  • Lee Ann KoffinasLee Ann Koffinas OrlandoMember Posts: 346
    edited 11 February, 2013
    Awww, poor thing. It will probably take her a few days to get used to where she is. I would think that is not uncommon. Has the cat already been checked over by a vet, tested for all the bad cat diseases and checked for worms? One of my cats came to me with coccidia, and had bloody diarrhea, she had to be on antibiotics. I took my latest kitten to a low cost pet vaccination clinic, but it had a vet that looked them over, and it was really cheap. They de wormed him and gave him his kitten shots, and they also test for feline leukemia. I would think a vet visit is in order maybe, if he isn't better by tomorrow. Good luck and hope she feels better soon.
  • Chelsea TartariniChelsea Tartarini Thornton DenverMember Posts: 44
    edited 12 February, 2013
    Thanks for responding, Beep! Ahhh! That's horrible! I'm glad your cat no longer has coccidia, that's just awful... and icky. I can't imagine having parasites in my body. So an update, Update 2/12/2013: I took Tiki into the vet this morning and got her checked out. The vet said that her appetite loss could be due to numerous factors; 1. She might not like the food that the shelter had her on that they sent us home with (Science Diet,) and we have no idea what her previous owners had her on. 2. Her stress levels are high because she was given up and sent to the shelter, was at the shelter for 5 days and then sent to Petco, and on the same day she was sent to Petco I adopted her, and 3. It might be due to sickness. The veterinarian thinks she might have an upper respiratory infection which is common among shelter animals with so much influx of animals there (Especially the Dumb Friends League, they always get so many animals because they adopt so many out! Such a great place!) So she gave Tiki an antibiotic injection. We'll have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks, if she gets worse than of course sooner. When I brought her home, I emptied out her food bowl of the Science Diet and gave her a handfull of Wally's Royal Canin Special 33 formula dry food, and she ate it right up! So at least the food problem is solved! Yay!
  • Lee Ann KoffinasLee Ann Koffinas OrlandoMember Posts: 346
    edited 13 February, 2013
    Glad your kitty is eating and on the mend. Cats can get freaky when their environment changes. She will be used to her new home soon and hopefully feeling much better. Not to try to preach about food, but having so many cats over the years, and knowing what all I have gone through with health issues, namely, UTI's with cats, I would recommend that you do some reading about the benefits of a canned food only diet for cats. I know it's more of a pain in the butt, but so much better for them than dry food. And you are right, science diet is garbage, so I'm glad you are not giving that any longer. I fed one of my cats that stuff for 2 years and she was constantly hungry, had a horrible coat, she shed fur like crazy, then had UTI's. I found out a few years back how bad dry food was for them, when my male cat almost died because he had blockage from UTI's. He has been on canned only since and has not had any more issues with that. Anyway, I don't want to go on about that, it's not what you posted about, just thought I'd add my .02. So glad your kitty has a new home and hopefully will be adjusted soon and feeling better.
  • Chelsea TartariniChelsea Tartarini Thornton DenverMember Posts: 44
    edited 14 February, 2013
    Wow! I can't believe that canned food helped that much! Unfortunately my male cat doesn't like canned food, and has a very sensitive stomach. So he can only eat Royal Canin. Right now he's on the Special 33 formula but I might switch both of them to the Adult 27 formula since it has less calories. Both of them need to lose weight apparently.
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