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Help!! I can't get Midnight Helen to eat!

edited 8 July, 2014 in Food & Nutrition
This is Midnight Helen's mother: About a week ago I tried switching Midnight's diet to canned food, after she had ONLY dry food for most of her life. She acted like she really liked it and then I noticed that all she was doing was licking the gravy off of it and not really eating it. I tried several different flavors--same thing. So a couple of days ago I started her back on her previous diet of dry food. She is constantly crying and meowing for me to feed her. Finally I broke down and gave her some tuna just so she would eat SOMETHING. She gobbled it down like she was starved. But now she refuses to eat her dry food! the past I have given her tuna and then she refused to eat anything else for a day until she figured out she wasn't getting any more tuna. She acts otherwise fine. I would have worried about her thyroid condition but her blood work that she had done last week was great, everything was totally normal. Anybody have any ideas? I hate to just ignore her when she is crying for food but at the same time, I've tried all kinds of things! Should I call her vet? Thanks Midnight's mom


  • Regine MelinRegine Melin BrooklynMember Posts: 281
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I would check with the vet just in case. Have you tried to give her the dry food but moisten is up so that it's a little mushy? I have noticed that when I give Peggy the can food that is sliced, she will only lick the gravy off and not eat the actual food. I have not given her sliced food since that. I always get regular can food or the minced kind and she will eat that.
  • Courtney K-Courtney K- WarrenMember Posts: 5,721
    edited 27 February, 2006 something not right there. Maybe you should check with the vet. Something might be wrong with Midnight. You can never care too much for your cat. After all, you could be saving her life!
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Thank you, everycat! I'm happy to say that Midnight has eaten a few bites today. Before I changed her to the canned food, she was eating her dry food just FINE. Then I made things worse by giving her that tuna. I think what happened is that she only wants tuna now. But I'm not going to give her any more unless it's a last resort kind of thing. But now that she started taking at least a few bites of her dry food again, I feel a lot better about things. I'm going to definitely keep a close eye on her and I agree with you, you can't care for your precious cats too much!!
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Well, the little stinkpot is eating again. She's spoiled rotten. She just wanted me to keep feeding her tuna. When I refused, it was basically a matter of who could be more stubborn and I won out. She's now eating just like she was before!!!! Thank you, all you beautiful kitties, for your advice!! Midnight Helen's mommy
  • Dolores LenzDolores Lenz MissionMember Posts: 341
    edited 27 February, 2006
    If a cat is turning away from the food bowl, there are ways to try and tempt this cat to eat: Warm the canned cat food in the microwave several seconds to wake up the flavor. Give the cat a small pinch of catnip (an appetite stimulant) before feeding. Sprinkle grated cheese over the food. Dot the food with cream cheese. Check the cat's nostrils for crusty discharge. Cats won't eat what they can't smell. If your cat stops eating for 48 hours, don't gamble with her life that she will start up again. Get her to the vet immediately.
  • jen clarkjen clark StrongsvilleMember Posts: 1,099
    edited 27 February, 2006
    hehehehhe We sure know how to get our way! ::gives a high four to Midnight Helen:: hehehe little stinker!
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Princess--Mom wouldn't dream of gambling with my life. Thanks for your advice! Saffron--heeheehee
  • Karen HollandKaren Holland BrookvilleMember Posts: 833
    edited 27 February, 2006
    We cats have our ways. Mommy has tried to switch my food from time to time and I get stubborn & will not eat it. Her friends tell her when I get hungry I will eat. HA they do not know Queen Rosie very well that is for sure. I refuse to eat until I have the good stuff! And Mommy is just a big softie so I usually end up with the good stuff before long. Rosie
  • Regine MelinRegine Melin BrooklynMember Posts: 281
    edited 27 February, 2006
    My mommy always says that if I don't like what I'm getting, if I'm hungry enough I'll eat it and I always do. I know that sounds a bit harsh but mommy always leaves dry food down for me just in case I don't like the canned food. Now with that little heathen around, I gobble up all the food no matter if I don't like it just so he doesn't get his grimy little paws on what's mine!
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    I know, I'm the same way. I can be very stubborn. But when mom came home the other day and saw that my dish was still full, she started crying and asking me why I'm not eating. She sure knows how to put a guilt trip on me. But I'm totally back to normal now and eating like a pig!!!!!! Oink, Oink!!!! Love, Helen
  • jennifer viscontijennifer visconti queensMember Posts: 2,157
    edited 27 February, 2006
    we are so glad that you are back to normal helen! next time this happens, tell your mommy to try magic tuna "juice". just squeeze out some of the water from the can of tuna onto the dry. mom does that to get us to eat things we don't want to.
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