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Please help...

Michelle BrundrettMichelle Brundrett Grand PrairieMember Posts: 405
edited 18 February, 2013 in Behavior & Training
How do I discourage Tia from eating dog food? Per Angel's (my dog) vet, I need to leave food out for Angel to help her get over this "my-bowl's-empty-I'm-never-eating-again! mindset. I had been feeding her outside, twice a day, yet she'd freak out and act hungry as soon as the bowl was empty. My assignment is to keep food in the bowl for Angel to have whenever she wants until it's okay to try a food schedule again. Problem: Tia likes to eat dog food even when she has food in her own bowl. So what can I do to discourage this behavior??? It's made Tia very sick in the past.


  • Lee Ann KoffinasLee Ann Koffinas OrlandoMember Posts: 346
    edited 16 February, 2013
    I'm not a vet, but I don't agree with your vets theory of leaving food out at all times for the cat. I have done it in the past with one cat and she ended up very, very fat, and she also developed urinary crystals from eating so much dry food. I feed mine twice a day, canned food (a third feeding for my kitten since he is growing). I have a feral outside that I also feed twice a day, canned, and she would eat day and night if I let her. As far as the dog food, I don't think there is anything you can do short of putting the dog food in a room that she can't get to. She will eat that dog food if she can get to it. There is no way of making a cat not eat it, she just will. And I'm sure your dog is used to free feeding and is fine with that, and it probably works for you, but you could maybe also just feed the dog at certain times too. My MIL free feeds her dog and her dog will have to poop at 3:00 in the morning sometimes, because she just eats at whatever time she wants to, so there is now way for the dog to get on a normal routine as far as bathroom time. Just a thought. Good luck to you.
  • Michelle BrundrettMichelle Brundrett Grand PrairieMember Posts: 405
    edited 17 February, 2013
    No, no...the vet's diagnosis is for the dog, not the cat. I was just trying to explain the situation we are in. A dog that needs to gain weight, and a cat that wants to eat dog food lol. Because Angel has basically NO fat on her, it was recommended to try free-feeding. My issue was that Tia has eaten Angel's food in the past and got sick. But, from the looks of it, Tia has not bothered Angel's maybe I was worried about nothing. Tia gets free-fed because she's an extremely active girl. However, I do keep a close eye on her diet and any weight gain - same as with Angel.
  • Lee Ann KoffinasLee Ann Koffinas OrlandoMember Posts: 346
    edited 17 February, 2013
    I'm sorry, LOL, I am an airhead! Ha ha! I see what you were saying now. I have friends who free feed their dog and the cats don't mess with the dog food, so hopefully your kitty will be the same, and leave it alone. Poor doggie. I hope you have luck finding something that will put some weight on her. Something really yummy that she likes.
  • Michelle BrundrettMichelle Brundrett Grand PrairieMember Posts: 405
    edited 18 February, 2013
    Yeah me too lol. Both of my animals are pretty active so they burn off food energy very quick.
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