The Problem grows...

Amber MartinAmber Martin WartburgMember Posts: 179
edited 15 June, 2013 in Kitten Corner
Awhile ago, I posted a topic about my kitten Bubbles. She was having potty accidents (on my bed and on dirty laundry). After reinforcing litter behavior, no more bed or clothes accidents! She was using the litter box with gusto and was urinating and defecating in it regularly. She was even doing wonderful when I switched to a litter called Mimi Litter (a silica sand litter). Then, I bought her a "Kitty Cube". It is a cube made of thin material and wire. They sell them at Walmart and I bought one to be a fun playhouse for Bubbles. I filled it with toys and treats and decorated it with dangling toys. Bubbles loved it! Playing in it was the best thing. Then, yesterday, she decided to pee in it.... Ruining some of her toys. I threw the wet feathered ones away and promptly through the plush toys in the washer. I disinfected the cube with an enzymatic cleaner. After it was all thoroughly cleaned up, I reinstated the kitty cube and all its contents. Bubbles used her litterbox all day today, until just tonight. She again peed in the playhouse. I admit, ashamedly, I got angry and corrected her with a stern shout of NO and plopped her in the litterbox (a big mistake on stupid me....). I don't understand why she is having such a hard time. I keep her box immaculate, it is safe and secure, private, and open. And since the kitty cube was ruined, I cut the bottom out where the pee had tainted it and put the cube around her litterbox, fashioning a hood. Seeing as she liked to urinate in the playhouse, I hoped that by putting her litterbox inside it, she would be encouraged to pee in the cube.... And in the box. I am sorry for all my blithering problems... Floyd came to me as a 8 wk old and he was pre-litter boxed trained. Bubbles is a 6 1/2 wk old with no box experience from her previous home. I am having such a difficult time maintaining her spontaneous urination. She has no access to the other areas of the house... But even if she was accident free for a week, I would never trust her to roam.. It isn't like she refuses the box. I see her pee and poop in it all the time and give delighted praise when she does. I am trying to accommodate her... But the kitty cube peeing was sadly discouraging. I just wanted her to have a fun place to play or maybe nap. Instead, she pees in it... I thought she was getting savvier with her litterbox usage... Ugh... :? Just need to express my feline frustrations..


  • Kayla AndersonKayla Anderson HopkinsvilleMember Posts: 3
    edited 12 June, 2013
    hey there :) This may not be the case, but she may actually have a UTI(urinary tract infection) because cats and kittens often pee a lot more and out of the litterbox happens too.
  • Amber MartinAmber Martin WartburgMember Posts: 179
    edited 12 June, 2013
    Thanks GG Kitty! Bubbles has an appointment on the 20th for her first 8wk vet visit. I will make sure to bring up UTI concerns then... I switched her litter back to clumping clay and so far, she uses the litterbox nicely... The kitten cube has made her an excellent hooded box. Dunno why she has accidents, but I'm trying my hardest to keep her consistent.
  • tdhcom comtdhcom com los angelesMember Posts: 2
    edited 15 June, 2013
    I threw the wet feathered ones away and promptly through the plush toys in the washer. I disinfected the cube with an enzymatic cleaner.
  • Arna CohenArna Cohen Member Posts: 565
    edited 14 June, 2013
    Bubble is still learning the ropes, and evidently the texture of the Kitty Cube appealed to her. Also, she may have been playing in the cube when she had to go, and the box may have been too far away.
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