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Hello kitty lovers. We live in the Cayman Islands and have a 1 year male Ragdoll and a 15 year female DLH who is on her 8th. or 9th. life now; we've been giving her fluids for several months as she slowly disintegrates before our eyes. But that's another sad story. We really want another Ragdoll kitty as a companion for Kumo, our Ragdoll kitty. And as we have no children and so much love to give, even lovable Kumo often grows weary of our frequent petting, grooming, play and belly rubbing. We did not want to use the breeder that we obtained Kumo from because he was diagnosed with gingivitis shortly after we received him, caused by an immune system disorder. But that’s another sad story. Because rabies does not exist in the Cayman Islands we need a breeder in the UK or another country without rabies (we will not put a kitty through a 30 day isolation period). After sourcing numerous UK breeders we choose Julie Godfrey at partyplaceraggies, as she claimed to have a female ready to ship in a few weeks and seemed like a very honest, caring individual. After almost six months of one excuse after another - spanning three litters - she just informed us that she would have no kittens for us. No reason was given, which was particularly disturbing after the lengthy correspondence we had maintained over many months. At no time did she ever waiver from her promise to send us a Ragdoll kitty, only offering varying excuses for why we would have to wait longer, and then longer… Had she shown any signs of reluctance throughout any part of our lengthy correspondence we would have found another breeder and would probably have a companion for Kumo by now; instead, we have to start all over again. With no children, we love our kitties as much as anyone could possibly love another living being - human or pet. The emotional impact this has had on us is tantamount to waiting months for an adopted child, only to be told at the last minute that the donor decided to renege. As Kumo will have a shortened life due to his compromised immune system, this also represents a significant portion of his life that will be lived devoid of play and companionship with another kitty. I am writing here (and all other UK Ragdoll and breeder forums and agencies) only to say that Julie Godfrey made specific (written and documented) promises to us during a six month period and ultimately reneged on every one of them — informing us only at the last possible minute (days before our kitty was expected to be sent) — that she would not sell us a kitty. No reason was offered; she simply decided to sell her kitties to other people with utter disregard for the extreme emotional pain that decision would cause us; as well as the toll on Kumo, who will now have to wait at least several more months for a companion. I strongly encourage anyone considering Julie at partypalaceraggies for a Ragdoll kitty to reconsider and save yourself the emotional hardship, particularly if you do not live in the UK and need someone you can trust. If anyone should know of an honest, reputable breeder willing to send a Ragdoll kitty to the Cayman Islands, please email us at: [email protected]


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    Hi, My name is Julie Godfrey and yes I did say that I would one of my kittens to the Caymen Islands. Peggy knew quite clearly that the kittens had not been born at the time of her request and she did say that she wanted a girl. I do not have any control over Mother Nature and unfortunately when the kittens were born Angel,my Raggie gave me 4 boys and 1 girl, so I had to break the news to them that I didn't have a girl but I did have a boy or the could wait until my other Raggie kittened a few weeks later. Peggy decided that she didn't want the boy but would wait for a girl from the next litter. I must add here that I am a Retired lady of 66 years and Cat Breeding is my Hobby and I only have a few litters each year. I also enjoy Showing my Ragdolls and it was while I was at a show that another Breeder informed me that she had been approached by someone in the Caymen Islands wanting two kittens from her. I began to worry about my little kittens and where they were going and decided not to let her go. In hind sight I feel I made the right decision as Peggy's Husband wrote me a really scary e-mail wishing me and my whole family to die of CANCER and in particular me to really suffer and be in pain. I feel, that had he been more pleasant he may have dispelled my fears and I may well have sent one of my precious babies to them. Thank goodness I didn't and would advise ANYONE to think very carefully before dealing with this person.
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