Adopting a new kitten soon... Help?

Kira GoldfarbKira Goldfarb CatskillMember Posts: 7
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Hi all, So I've done a bunch of reading up on this already, but I really just have one thing that I could use some advice on. But a bit of background first... My fiance and I adopted our first cat together (my first cat EVER) back in October, from a local shelter. His name is Monti and I'm pretty sure he's the most perfect cat in the world, but anywho. He's about two years old now. Super chill most of the time, very friendly, not scared of strangers or anything. The only thing that makes him run and hide is the vacuum. A couple weeks ago, my fiance and I went to the local farm to pick strawberries and found out that they have NINE barn cats there of varying ages (but they're all the same colors, so I'm guessing it's one main set of parents). I'm not sure how old the kittens there are, but we asked one of the owners and she said that they are up for adoption if we wanted one. Needless to say my fiance kind of fell in love. So, I just got the OK from our landlord for us to get the second cat. My big concern in this: I KNOW the best way to introduce a new cat/kitten is to separate it from the resident cat at first, but the only rooms that we can cut off are the bathroom and the bedroom. I'd really rather not have a litterbox set up in either, and I'm afraid the new kitten would climb up the shower curtain/hide underneath the bed and poop there or something. :( The apartment is plenty spacious for both of them, it's just the introduction I'm worried about. I'm afraid I'll have to just let the new kitty explore right off the bat and who knows how it will get along with Monti. Any advice?


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    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I know that everyone is right about keeping them separated and introducing them slowly. But I foster in a one bedroom apartment and just can't separate fosters when they come in. (I do however make sure they're healthy and tested before they get here.) So if your kitten is medically cleared I think you can try having them together, just make sure they're well supervised for the first few days. Every cat is different - some take to new cats right away and some don't take to new cats ever. You'll have to see how it goes. The one good thing is that most cats are more tolerant of kittens - they're probably less threatening. I would leave the separation as a backup plan if it goes really poorly when the kitten arrives.
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    Thanks, BK! A couple that I catsit for has lent me a few screens that I can use to separate them if need be. But you're probably right--Monti is a very relaxed cat, so I don't think he'll have too much trouble adjusting to a younger kitten. I also bought some of that calming spray stuff, and I made a vet appointment for the new kitty on the day I'm planning on picking him/her up. :) Hopefully all will be well!
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