How were you named?



  • Mary DubuissonMary Dubuisson Member Posts: 296
    edited 30 January, 2013
    I was named after Daddy's World of Warcraft character Kosuteh. :)
  • Sydney ShepardSydney Shepard Member Posts: 12
    edited 1 February, 2013
    Lieutenant Dan was named after Lieutenant Dan Taylor from the movie Forrest Gump, but we just call him LT for short. LT Dan was my favorite character from that film, and although LT has legs, they don't work, and so I thought it was pretty fitting. Some people think his name is cruel, but I guess they forgot how great of a guy LT Dan Taylor is! Little Foot was so named because when she came into the shelter she had a horribly swollen and pus filled foot. After tending to her "little feet", the name wound up sticking.
  • Abby KenneallyAbby Kenneally Member Posts: 1
    edited 9 February, 2013
    I was named after the F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen, probably because my colours are similar to the Lotus he drives! |^|
  • Shauna SolamanShauna Solaman Member Posts: 1
    edited 15 February, 2013
    We've two kittens and we had a bit of time as we were waiting to bring them home. My boyfriend named one and I named the other. Hiro: Named after my boyfriend's favourite Gundam Wing pilot (he says that there's a deeper meaning but I need to watch the show in order to figure that out). Shiva R.: Named after a friend that passes away a few years ago and my uncle who passed away recently.
  • Emily ParkerEmily Parker Member Posts: 7
    edited 26 February, 2013
    Evie is named after Evel Knievel because the first night I had her, she did a running jump on to my waist to help me do dishes. She lives up to her name and is a crazy litle monster!
  • Michelle BrundrettMichelle Brundrett Grand PrairieMember Posts: 405
    edited 27 February, 2013
    Tia got her name because the SPCA had her named 'Tortillia.'
  • Kahla HowardKahla Howard Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 10
    edited 28 February, 2013
    Jak-ke I wanted to name something from a different language and thought to look up translations for the words "small" and "tiny", as she is half the size of a normal cat. I was told Jak-ke was Korean for tiny and liked it and named her that. Upon futher research it seems the Korean word for tiny is Jag-eun not Jak-ke and Jak-ke is actually Danish or something and can mean the word for "fashion", which still fits her I guess. (also mean "jacket" which kinda sucks) Funny thing though I geuss the word Jak-ke means "jacket" or "fashion" but Jak-ke in name form is a Finnish name for Jacob, which is my husband's name. lol That is what I get for looking into a language I do not know. lol Tao and Drew sort of have the same name origin. When my mother's cat, Girl, had a surprise litter we were not planning on keeping the kittens so I just decided to name them after people I knew that they each acted like. I had one named after my sister and her friend, my husband's brother and another friend. And Tao was the name of my ex boyfriend who was very tall. My cat Tao was the largest so I called her that. Drew the cat was named after my sister's ex boyfriend because she was kinda mean and he was rude so we called her Drew. Turned out my husband and I fell in love with Tao the cat and kept her, then when we rehomed the kittens no one wanted Drew the cat so we ended up keeping her. So that is how I ended up with cats named after my sister and I's ex boyfriends. lol I now see the names as my cats though, the exes need to rename themselves. :)
  • Amber SooseyAmber Soosey Member Posts: 68
    edited 4 March, 2013
    Pocket's name was created while she was laying in my step-dad's lap. He was sitting in a computer chair. He had his right leg bent over his left with just enough space in between for Pocket, then unnamed, to lay. She fit in there perfectly. It was then that we decided that the name Pocket was perfect for her. I have to say it is unique as well. ;)
  • Julie HarbeckJulie Harbeck Member Posts: 54
    edited 5 March, 2013
    The kids wanted to name her Katness after the hunger book character but since she was a very skinny starving stray obviously she wasn't much of a hunter. We decided on Xena the Warrior princess after she chased a huge tom out of the yard she decided was now her yard. He was twice her size but she didn't hesitate once. Kids hate the name but she comes to it like it was made for her.
  • Leeann BooneLeeann Boone HartfordMember Posts: 2,212
    edited 5 March, 2013
    Lizzie: Mom was watching the show "Lizzie McGuire" and Lizzie meowed when she heard them say Lizzie on tv! Belle: I just liked the name at the time but the other day I realized she was born on the 100th anniversary of when the Titanic hit the iceberg and there was a Joseph Bell who was an engineer on the ship so now me being the Titanic nut that I am, she's named for him |/a/| Kali: She just looked like a Kali in the pictures.
  • Amber MartinAmber Martin WartburgMember Posts: 179
    edited 6 June, 2013
    I named Floyd after my favorite band ever: Pink Floyd. Bubbles got her title because she has huge, blue button eyes that remind me of bubbles. So it has stuck. :D
  • Melanie MelanieMelanie Melanie Member Posts: 10
    edited 8 June, 2013
    I was named Stanley Momo because...well, I don't know, because my mommy loved the name! She rescued me when I was just a little guy at about 3-4 weeks old, and I didn't have a whole lot of personality because I had ear infections, worms, fleas, an eye infection, and some sort of skin problem. She picked a name that she thought was an easy going, cute name for me because that's how I was. Now I am a playful little guy, but still enjoy my sleep. I love my name!
  • Melanie MelanieMelanie Melanie Member Posts: 10
    edited 8 June, 2013
    When my mom and dad chose me, they did so because they thought I looked "special" and they wanted me to have a good home. I was kind of a silly and awkward kitten at first, so my mom immediately named me Napoleon Dynamite, even though I am a girl. I go by Napoli and am now either snoozing or being a ruthless assassin (I love to hunt). I don't know if my name fits me but it's mine and I love it :)
  • Emily CarringtonEmily Carrington Member Posts: 425
    edited 9 June, 2013
    Toby was an early graduation present. I just graduated with my Masters in Human Resource Management. I named my new kitten "Toby" after my favorite character on "The Office" - Toby - who is also the HR coordinator.
  • Tara McLennanTara McLennan Member Posts: 17
    edited 6 July, 2013
    Mummy and Daddy both love the show 'Sons of Anarchy' so when Mummy was struggling with boys names Daddy suggested Jax, after his favourite character on the show. Mummy also liked the 'tough' name for such a pretty little boy.
  • Alycia ChaseAlycia Chase Member Posts: 350
    edited 8 July, 2013
    Tiger - My brother and I were very little, so I have no idea! Maybe we liked tigers?:=D Peppermint - I looooved eating anything peppermint and was also very little (Tiger's brother), so I named him Peppermint. Mordecai - Started out as chewbaka, but it just wasn't fitting for such a sissy boy. Turned to names in the Bible and Mordecai was right fitting. Ryelee - My brother came up with it Galaxy - When this little girl crawled up to my porch I was star gazing and it seemed fitting for the beautiful girl. Bella - Came with the name. Abendigo - Another Bible name, plus it was different!
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