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  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
    edited 6 March, 2007
    Mommy has been thinking about getting a stroller for me now that spring is almost here. We have a rail trail, and she thinks I might enjoy taking short walks with her when the weather is nice. She is worried, though, that it might give me the idea of trying to escape outside without being in my stroller. I am a strictly indoor cat. I have a screened/glass porch that I think of as being outside and I love being out there even when it is so cold Mommy only lets me stay out for a few minutes at a time. I have never tried to go outside of the porch, though. I also never go near the other doors that go outside the house. Mommy feels she has been very lucky with this, because my angel sister, Spice, occasionally would sneak out---even though if she got outside she didn't know what to do and would just wait for Mommy to come pick her up and take her back inside. Is there a danger that having a stroller might make me more likely to try to escape?
  • Juds ConneJuds Conne Member Posts: 10
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    If you already like to go outside, I don\'t think that going for rides in your stroller will make that any worse. Our Rikki-Tikki likes to try to sneak out the door, and our Mom worried about it, just like you are. Rikki loves the stroller. He will beg and cry, and then beg and cry some more, to go out for a ride. He\'s such an embarassment to the rest of us. :(( However, going for lots of rides, even in the very cold weather we\'ve been having has not seem to made his escape attempts any more serious or more frequent. Come to think of it, the riding hasn \'t decreased them, either. So, I guess that no effect is good effect. Did I just make that up? Anyway, if it isn\'t likely to make a difference, then just go for it. Get the stroller, or make one like my Mom did. I will try to get her to look for the batteries so that she can take a photo of it. Everyone will have a good time, and you will make lots of new friends in your neighborhood. I really want my Mom to take me to the mall and walk with the other mommies and their strollers. I think that would be totally cool, but she still needs some convincing. Humans. :-/ You can live in the moment now, or live in regret later. My Mom made that up. What are you waiting for...go for a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
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    :-h Hi Phoebe! I like going in the stroller because I feel very safe in there. I'm all closed in and comfy. I don't think it would make a kitty want to go outside anymore than they might already. I'm strictly indoors except for sitting outside on a 2nd floor covered deck. The only door I cry at to go out is the door leading to the garage where my stroller is. I ignore the front and back doors. Mommy feels it is very healthy for me to be outdoors - safely- in the stroller. She gets such a kick out of me looking at everything.
  • C RyskoC Rysko Member Posts: 6
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    Mom has wanted to get a stroller for my brother and I for about a year, but wasn\'t sure she wanted to spend the money on something we may not like. Last year to test the waters, she bought a kitty carrier that is sort of like a backpack. I wanted no part of it, and although my brother likes being outside he wasn\'t thrilled with it either. After mom read these boards and looked at countless strollers on the web, she found one that was a good deal and offered free shipping. She knew that if she was going to get one now was the time to try it. She ordered the Jeep stroller, and waited patiently for it to arrive . She was so excited when it did. It is a tanish color and is really quite good quality. She put it together and set it up for us to check out. Again, my brother was curious, checked it out and even did a little sleeping in it. I again wanted no part of it. Mom was a little nervous if she made the right decision. Today we took our first trip, and I am happy to report that we both loved it. I think I enjoyed it even more than my brother. We didn\'t meow one bit and spent the time enjoying the sights around us. We can\'t wait for our next walk. |^|
  • Pat ParkerPat Parker ClevelandMember Posts: 382
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    I got a Kittywalk stroller and mama put it together. I supervised so that she would put it together right. I love it indoors and am a bit nervous about the outside. We have had snow and rain since I got the stroller, but I have been out on one sunny day. I really liked the sound of the birds and the smell of the grass. There are pictures of it and me on my page, if you want to see.
  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
    edited 27 March, 2007
    ;c; I'm so excited to report that Sooty is our newest Super Stroller!! I think you picked a great stroller. The Jeep stroller looks like a neat color and the name sounds cool!! Now you have a JEEP!! ;c; Happy Strolling to you Sooty and every Super Stroller!!
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