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How to save and send video evidence from You Tube

Pet SerranoPet Serrano Member Posts: 156 ✭✭
edited 29 March, 2007 in Laws & Legislation
There are other ways to do this, but this is the easiest and most reliable I\'ve tried. In fact, if you go to You Tube and search for \"download video you tube\", you will usually find a video on it. All of the following items are free. Let\'s first assume you are only going to download videos to archive for evidence or with permission or if you upload and lose your originals like I did, not stealing copyrighted material. Agreed? OK! Before adding any new program to your computer on a windows system, go to start/programs/accessories/systemtools/system restore and create a restore point. If anything goes wrong after you install something new, this will fix it. If you have something similar on your computer, do that. 1. If you haven\'t already, switch to Mozilla Firefox. They update their security faster than Internet Explorer. There is a version for Mac and Linux, too. (And I have never known anyone who went back to IE after using Firefox! It really is that much better and easier, it\'s not just geekware. But dont\' uninstall your IE because you will still need it for Windows updates and to view some things on websites virtually owned by Microsoft like NBC.) Download Firefox. 2. After installing Firefox,open it and install the Video Downloader Extension. Whenever you want to preserve a video as evidence, click the button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions, saving the file as filename.flv not Get_video. (While you\'re at it, install Site Advisor and No Script. The first tells you whether a website is a known scam site, and the second allows you to choose what scripts to run on a page, thus filtering out lots of ads and identity-theft attempts.) 3. The video will be saved as a flash video file. You can watch it with Riva FLV Player or save it as an mpg or avi with Riva FLV Encoder. 4. If you choose to convert to an mpg, you can go to You Send It and email it to PETA, the ASPCA, the media or local law enforcement without having to upload it a bunch of times. You Send it will keep the video on file for a week with a limited number of downloads and your email recipient will get sent a link instead of a giant file that may be blocked by their antivirus software (if they are smart). Hope this helps!


  • Pet SerranoPet Serrano Member Posts: 156 ✭✭
    edited 20 March, 2007
    Also, make sure it\'s under 100 MB (files from You Tube usually are). The free version of You Send it has a 100 MB limit, allows 100 downloads and keeps the file for 7 days.
  • Tony BlackwellTony Blackwell Cardiff, WalesMember Posts: 1,019
    edited 21 March, 2007
    Thanks for posting this Loki - I can see that it's going to be really useful if we get any more video nasties. Leida.
  • MrD_Sam_RazaMrD_Sam_Raza New ZealandMember Posts: 2,511 ✭✭✭
    edited 23 March, 2007
    Hi, I\'m just bring this post back up to the top:D I think it it has some very good info, on how to save a video.:-h
  • Jan ArmstrongJan Armstrong Member Posts: 6,559
    edited 29 March, 2007
    *BUMP* :-#
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