I look scruffy!

Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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I admit, I don't brush Hunter as much as I should. He has never had a mat though. He is medium haired, and I have a zoom groom, metal bristle brush, and a nylon bristle brush. Anyway, I give him the nylon brush to bite while I zoom groom him. Its not his favorite thing. So today I brushed him, and he was all smooth and nice looking. He gets up and he looks all scruffy again. I mean he looks like he is a stray. He'll be walking and it looks like his fur is in small clumps along his body. However, I touch it and its smooth. I read that it could be some sort of illness? He has no fleas, He doesn't go outside, and my dog is always treated with Frontline protection. Hunter grooms himself normally and there is no fur falling out. It's just on his sides. His front legs are fine (he has short hair on his legs) Back legs, not really a problem, head is fine. Tail is long haired and always looks poofy. Maybe its because he is still growing? Hunter will be 8 months old next week. What can I do to make him look smooth?


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    Sounds like he may be greasy and in need of a bath. If he won't tolerate bathing try sprinkling a little cornstarch baby powder into the base of his coat and combing it out - should help, but a bath would be better.
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    It's Stella. My ancestry is uncertain, but we think my dadcat was part Angora. We see him around all the time, he lives in the neighborhood, turning the entire cat neighborhood into gray and white cats! My fur looks unkempt, even after brushing, and I have just had to have two mats shaved off. It might be a factor of mixed breeding. We have genes for our fur from different breeds and we may never look perfect. Keep brushing and maybe he will grow out of it? My fur got much longer and thicker the older I got. We did not realize that I was a medium haired cat until I was over one year old. Unfortunately my person was not patient with the brushing, so now I hate it, but I have been sick for several days and they think it's hairballs. Make sure he enjoys his brushing and that you can do it. Once they get full size it is a lot harder convincing them to do something they don't like. Purrs to such a pretty cat!
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    Well Hunty has been shedding. So I've been brushing him every other day pretty much. I'm surprised hes not bald yet! :)) I did notice that he has no undercoat. So I can't get a furminator. He doesn't have the down close to his skin. I think he might be part Turkish Van/Angora. His fur is super thin!!! Even the metal brushes don't get it out. The only thing that works for me is the Zoom Groom, which he is getting used to. However, the fur on this tail is course. Weird. He is definately a mix of something. Wish I knew what. No matter what I do, he still looks scruffy. Oh well. :?
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
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    Hi Hunter :-h Meowma was a groomer for 12 years but now she Just works part time for Nutro,she wanted me to tell you that with the changing season right now, we can all look a bit scruffy. Some of us are shedding a bit more and some of us have a bit of a dull coat. (except that darn Kitten Mac\'s Cat, he still looks great) But please tell your Meowma not to worry to much. After the Winter comes, we should all be looking great once more! |:|
  • Erin FroehlichErin Froehlich Member Posts: 5
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    :^: You might want to consider adding some supplements to his diet! "The Best Supplements for Feline Skin And Fur" - http://www.smartlivingnetwork.com/cat-breeds/b/feline-101-the-four-best-supplements-for-feline-skin-and-fur/ I buy (the much more reasonably priced!) human supplements rather than the cat ones, grind them and mix them right in with their food. The first time I tried this, I was a little concerned they'd be able to tell and not want to eat it, but mine don't seem to notice at all! :)
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    I have to agree with Posiepurrs. It sounds like your cat needs a bath and blow-dry. If you can create a line with your finger or peaks like a mohawk, your cat's hair is greasy and clumping together. Brushing is great to stay ahead of the loose hair, but you are also spreading the grease around. Mats are caused by dirt/grease, plus loose hair, plus moisture. In cats this usually means salvia. If your cat starts matting, is it definitely time for some professional help. At home equipment won't blow out the loose hair or blow apart mats like in a grooming salon. You also need a degreasing shampoo specially designed for cats. Pet shampoo is designed for dogs, and they are not as greasy (dirty maybe, but not oily) as cats. If you use the wrong shampoo you will wash numerous times with very little effect. Clean cat hair squeaks when it is clean while wet, just like ours. A still greasy cat will take forever to dry, a clean cat drys in no time.
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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    Well this thread is old. So its been 3 years, and Hunters fur is definitely not greasy. He is fine. He keeps his fur in check, and since its getting cold out, he is developing his annual Ruff around his neck. I brush him when I have to, since he still hates it. I'm not worried about him at the moment. Hunter is a-okay. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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