Fleas? Stress?

Elizabeth OwensElizabeth Owens Member Posts: 58
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My cat Love is constantly scratching around her head and face. This has been going on for some time now. I have checked her and can't find a single flea or flea dirt. She also sleeps with me, is in on my bed close to 24/7 so you would think it if was fleas I would be feeling the effects by now? Getting bitten, seeing fleas on the bed, etc? My other two cats also occupy the bed, and they aren't scratching either. Could it be stress related? She is a Torti and tends to be high strung. Her brother Hershey also is a bit of meanie toward her at time which keeps her somewhat upset.


  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
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    It could be stress but a physical cause is more likely, even if it's not fleas. It could be another parasite or a skin problem, or she could have allergies. The only way to diagnose allergies is to eliminate everything else so I recommend a vet visit to see if there's a physical reason for all this scratching. Good luck!
  • Elizabeth OwensElizabeth Owens Member Posts: 58
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    Thanks. Also, is it normal for a cat to shed a lot of fur this time of year. She isn't going bald or anything, but she seems to be shedding fur more. She is med to long haired if that means anything.
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
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    Yes, now and the spring is extra shedding time. It's hard to keep up!
  • Robert B-Robert B- Member Posts: 29
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    The year before last, I scratched open some sores around my ears. My owners had already treated me just prior with Revolution. The vet felt (wasn't sure) that it was a flea dermatitis although by the time the vet checked me, there were no fleas. I received an injection for the flea caused allergy and things cleared up. My owners now try to get ahead of the fleas when spring comes and treat just a bit earlier if the weather is warmer than normal. Also, suspecting dry skin, they also add a few drops of flax seed oil to our wetfood once per day - and they keep us brushed. And I presume you have checked for ear mites...
  • Elizabeth OwensElizabeth Owens Member Posts: 58
    edited 9 December, 2013
    Was at the vet with her a couple weeks back. Checked for fleas and ear mites - negative. What kind of injection was your cat given for the itching? I hope it wasn't Convenia. I lost my Mya to that drug, never again. Will try the oil.
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