Male cat not able to pee and throwing up

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Hello there, Thanks for taking the time to read my post :) I have a 6 year old male cat that is a little bit nervous when it comes to moving or experiencing change in any way. My wife and I have had to move several times due to new jobs and school so hes not new to this. He has also visited with my family up north when we had a few weeks of vacation each year where he rode in a car for 8 hours and had a complete change of environment (lots more people, new litter box, etc.) Previously, while he was a little bit nervous during these changes he never showed any real behavioral changes. Though, during our biggest move where we moved from a small college town to New York City, he did have about 24-48 hours of frequently going to the litter box. He continued to eat, drink, relax as he always does, but when he went to the bathroom little to nothing would be left and he did it frequently (maybe every 20 minutes or so). We were going to take him to the vet but we read many places online that this was a very common behavior for nervous cats when undergoing a significant change. We also had a ton of boxes everywhere which from what I've read, clutter also leads to stressed cats. Since it stopped within 2 days we never took him to the vet, but for his annual checkup we mentioned it to our vet and she said as we had expected that this was a pretty common behavior. So this brings me to now, again we had an extended vacation and brought our cat with us. Knowing that he basically just sleeps in the car for the full ride and has no real issues we thought as per usual it would be just fine to bring him with us (we've actually found he gets really stressed if we leave him with a pet sitter, so bringing him with us we thought was the lesser of the two evils). Well, what ended up happening was that we hit a snow storm both ways and had to stay overnight in hotels. I think this sort of double whammy of new places freaked him out a bit. I just returned home yesterday afternoon and ever since hes been doing his frequent bathroom visits again. Since he did this before normally I wouldn't reach out to anyone for advice but late last night he also started throwing up -- I'd say about 3 times in total. He is still drinking, though he is not eating very much. I'm not really sure what to make of this, should I leave it for a couple days? He absolutely hates the vet and I know would stress him out big time -- which in my mind I'm thinking will make things worse. He is still purring and relaxing in the window as he always does, hes not meowing or doing anything that would make me think he is sick -- other than throwing up a few times and frequenting the litter box with very little results. Thanks again!


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    Please take him to the vet. Not being able to pee is an emergency that needs immediate treatment, and delaying it can result in kidney failure or even death. The nausea and vomiting could be a sign that the kidneys are already beginning to fail. He needs to see the vet right away! Sending purrs for your sweet kitty!
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    Thanks for your advice. Given how direct your response was as soon as I received it I went and made a vet appointment for the afternoon (their first available time slot). Though as soon as I was about to package him up and get him ready for the car I checked the litter box once more and found that "all was well" so to speak - he really made up for lost time. I am still not feeling 100% about him at the moment, but given he is drinking, acting pretty much normal, and now using the litter box, my only concern is that he is not eating as much as he normally does (though he is still eating). Given how much he hates the vet, I am going to wait until tomorrow afternoon to take him. It would stress him out a lot and I don't think he needs it right now. If his apatite doesn't pick up by tomorrow, we'll be the first in the vets office (if he didn't have a history of this I would have taken him much sooner). Thanks for your help!
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    Not being able to pee is a medical emergency your cat could die in a matter of hours. Especially with the throwing up that indicates that he is toxic. He needs a vet ASAP.
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    Please read my second post.
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    I am going to give you a bit of advice since I deal with a male cat with bladder issues, that has blocked numerous times. I am glad that it appears that his litter box issues appear normal, but you need to watch him carefully. It sounds to me like he was blocked and was able to pass it, but there is the chance that he could block again. I would at least contact the vet, tell them what happened and if anything get a urine sample to the vet to check for crystals which could cause continuous blockage. When a cat blocks, the urine back up into their systems and becomes toxic, which will ultimately kill them within 12 to 24 hours depending on the cats health, and cause damage to the kidneys. Macy has blocked three times but since I caught him early, he hasn't suffered any damage. He could also have FLUTD, which Macy is diagnosed with. He appears to be triggered by stress and you also have to be careful with blocking. In my opinion, even if it freaks your guy out I would take him in anyways for a checkup, because it is better to be safe than sorry. Macy hates going to the vet, but I would rather deal with his meowing and howling than having him sick. Cats are very good at hiding illness and he may be worse off than you think. I proper diet and plenty of water will resolve things, but when there is a chance of blockage, I would still take him in.
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