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DeeJay has been having issues, eating and not pooping, so xrays at the vet today and she has been diagnosed with Megacolon. Looking to learn all that I can about this condition. She did have an enema today and when we got home from the vet she did eat about 3oz of canned food which was great since she hadn't eaten for 24 hours.


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    DeeJay, I have megacolon. I have had it all my life due to a injury shortly after my birth that caused my pelvic bone to heal wrong. The most common drugs for it are lactulose, laxitone and cisapride. I have tried them all, cisapride is a last resort option. It was originally a human drug but pulled from the market because of a unacceptable amount of deaths associated with it, it was later approve for pet use only. It is very hard on a cat's system. First you need to find a diet that will help you, unfortunately it is trial and error, some cats need more fiber and some like me have to eat a all meat diet with no fiber. Lactulose is probably what your vet will give you, it helped me for a while. I take Miralax now, it is a over the counter medicine for humans. I take one fourth teaspoon daily mixed with my food, meowmy splits into half for my morning food and half for my night time food. You will most likely be better off eating small meals more often and no grazing(leaving food out all day)! You should get your vet to show your meowmy how to feel your colon for hard lumps so you can catch the flare-ups before it gets too bad. Fancy Feast has some grain free flavors if you are on a budget, most of the pate style. Like I said it is going to be trial and error to figure out what will work best for you. Megacolon is not curable without surgery and the surgery should also be a last resort because it is not without risk and side effects. I was given extra fiber when it was first discovered I had megacolon and was back at the hospital in just days, now I can't have any grain or vegetables. I have had megacolon for seven years and you can message me anytime with questions or just for support.
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    Thank you for the information. Unfortunately DeeJay is notoriously difficult to get medication into so Laxatone is out :-# I am giving her Miralax 1/4 tsp twice a day right now. She has been going every day, except she hasn't gone today. I am fortunate enough to have my dad be a retired vet so I have his input on things as well. Right now we are trying the low fiber route trying to keep the fiber under 1-1.5%.
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    I hope the Miralax works as well for you as it did for me. I had been having a lot of frequent very bad flare-ups in the fall of 2009 and the vet said it would be best to have me put to sleep if I did not improve. I was put on cisapride at that time and had I stayed on it I think it would have killed me. A facebook friend of meowmy's suggested the Miralax and thankfully it worked and I no longer take the vet meds except for the DSS capsules when I have a flare up which is not often. Best of luck to you! |:|
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    Note-the DSS capsules are a doggy stool softener. |^|
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