Cat Kidney disease - advice please urgently!

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hello, My cat has not been well recently - sypmtoms were sneezing and mucus. Last weekend she came in and collapsed - took her to vet who put her on IV to rehydrate her. Blood test showed high BUN and creatinine levels as well as anemia. She has not taken food and has been on antibiotics. She no longer has her sneezes, but the IV has been turned down as her lungs have started to take on fluid, she is now on diuretics which have helped to reduce this and increase her urination, which had albeit stopped for the last day. I moved her from the vet to an emergency centre to give her overnight care, Vet advised euthanasia, Emergency wants to see new blood test, but is concerned about her breathing and kidneys - as are small and hard. Is it inhumane or hopeful o continue IV fluid? I'm so depressed about making a hasty (or prolonged) decision. Please help with any advice you may have, Jules


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    So sorry about what is happening. Sometimes cats with kidney disease go into crisis situations and their numbers get really bad, but they can recover (to some extent), though it can take hospitalization and fluids and meds. I've read about it on CKD sites and it's called "crashing". I'm not sure what the situation is, but I wanted to mention this. Here is a link with some info about this: Also, you can get very good advice and help on Tanya's Feline CKD yahoo support group (you just have to join and you can ask questions and get help from many experienced people). Here is a link to Tanya's site which has excellent information: Tanya's and this is the support group: Tanya's Feline CKD Support Group Purring for you... |:|
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    Did your vet say whether it's chronic or acute kidney failure? Chronic kidney disease happens most often in elderly cats as a consequence of aging, and some kitties decline very quickly while many others can live with the condition for years if they get proper treatment. Acute kidney failure happens a lot when cats eat or drink something toxic like lilies or antifreeze, or brought on by infection. In those cases, if the kitty survives the initial poisoning or infection, they can recover but only if their kidneys aren't severely damaged. The fact that your kitty isn't eating, having trouble breathing and that your vet has already recommended euthanasia don't make your kitty's situation sound very hopeful, though. Of course, you are the only one who knows her well enough to determine if she's ready to go or not. I know that, whichever route you choose, your choice will be the right one because it will be made out of love. Sending purrs to you and your kitty. Please keep us posted. |:|
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