Flakes is NOT acting like himself. :(

Jessica HolbrookJessica Holbrook EvansvilleMember Posts: 38
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I'm really worried about my cat Flakes. All of the sudden, he is acting like he wants to eat a lot more and he's not as lovable as normal. We did recently change his food (about 2-3 weeks ago) from Authority canned to Wellness CORE canned. He was being really picky about the Authority (he would often not eat some flavors but he devoured others) so we changed him to a food he liked better which was Wellness CORE. Now, he eats the Wellness within 15 minutes and a few hours later, he acts like he's hungry. We were feeding him a 6oz can of Authority per day and he didn't act hungry. Now, we're up to a can and a half of Wellness (5.5oz per can) and he still acts hungry. He's also not as lovable as he usually is and he doesn't seem to want to be pet by me. He also hisses if I pick him up. :( He has always hated being picked up but he NEVER just hissed as soon as he was picked up. He has lost some weight BUT that was deliberate because our vet told us he needed to lose a pound. We switched from dry to wet food and the ounces came off pretty easily. We also moved to a bigger apartment about 3 months ago but Flakes took the move really well and was quite happy with all his extra space. There was a week when he didn't eat as much and he lost about 4-5 ounces that week alone. That was when we decided to switch him to a different food because he was turning his nose up at so many varieties of Authority and losing too much weight so we got worried. Once we started feeding him Wellness (gradually changing over), he gained the weight back and was back to normal. But now he's acting hungry and not as lovable. I'm really worried there's something wrong. Any ideas? I am definitely scheduling a vet appointment, I just wanted some advice in the meantime.


  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
    edited 23 December, 2013
    At his age, there are two things that can make a cat eat lots more: diabetes and hyperthyroidism. I just went through this a few weeks ago: Mom thought I was eating a lot more, yet I'd lost weight. Blood work was normal - and then she found Blue eating my food! Pig. Anyway, a vet visit is most definitely in order; any time you think something is wrong - follow up right away! Best of luck - let us know how you make out. :)
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