Feline Parvovirus (Distemper) Recovery with Seizures, Ataxia, Possible UTI

Ryan StutzmanRyan Stutzman Member Posts: 1
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My 10 month old adopted stray kitty (Henry) is recovering from a nearly fatal case of FPV. He was at the clinic for eight agonizing days and has been home for three. He appears to be recovering (starting to eat on his own, purring, showing interest in his toys, etc.) but a few things are worrying me: 1. Ataxia in his hind legs which has not shown any improvement in the three days he's been home. He can walk, but is really wobbly and falls down every 10 steps or so. 2. He's had two major seizure and several short ones in the last three days. He just had his second one an hour ago and we gave him .5ml of diazepam that the vet prescribed after the last one. 3. He's only urinating once per day (and an enormous quantity) though he tries to go several times per day but can't. He just scratches and sits there for for 20 seconds and walks away. After I gave him the diazepam an hour ago, he urinated about 5 minutes later while he was laying in my lap. Some additional things: He was fixed about one month ago. He's been on a heavy regimen of antibiotics for the last 10 days. They did a blood test a few days ago. His BUN, Creatine and SGPT all looked good so his liver and kidneys appear ok. I love this little cat so much and want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to help him get well. I live in Thailand and am not sure if the quality of care/knowledge of the doctors is up to par with Western standards. Should I be concerned about these things or is it more likely just part of his recovery process? Thanks for your help.


  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
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    It is quite common for cats who have been afflicted with Distemper to have ataxia, it can even be permanent. I have a cat who's mom had distemper while she was pregnant, she has a condition called Cerebral Hypoplasia which is basically ataxia. She walks like she is drunk. As for the seizures distemper can affect the brain so it's not uncommon for that to happen. For the urination I would call the vet on that it could have a slight urinary blockage.
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