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Adolescent Behavior. Help me raise my first cat!

Nadine SchommerNadine Schommer Member Posts: 20
edited 31 January, 2014 in Behavior & Training
Hey everfur! Arwen's mum here! Arwen is a very sweet cat, and i love her to bits and pieces. I've had her home for 4 days now. The first 2 days she was pretty low key and almost clingy. It was really cute actually. Now that she's more settled she's getting more and more crazy though and she needs to be instructed and controlled somewhat. :)) I'm hoping every one here can guide me in how to discipline a cat...I've only had dogs before this. She's 5 months old and a little crazy! I think she is teething. Everything is going in the mouth. Hands, feet, chairs, the stuffed animals on my bed keep ending up on the floor where she wrestles and knaws on them. So far what I've been doing is just taking whatever it is she has away from her, and giving her one of her toys to play with. Her stuffed mice are pretty small, so I went and got her a stuffed dog toy that she can have and play and chew on. She likes it, and even sleeps with it, but she still tries going for my stuff. Am I dealing with this correctly? There's a chance that she will in the future be living with me, my boyfriend, and his 6 year old so I need to make sure she's not stealing and ruining his toys. Attacking feet. She likes to run up to my roommate and I and claw onto our feet and sometimes bite our legs. She only really does this when she's got her kitten crazies going on, where she sprints around the apartment like a wild animal. :)) When she does this, I pull her off and tell her "NO" in a very stern voice, then I put her in the bathroom and shut her in there for 2 minutes, longer if she meows/howls/scratches to be let out. I only let her out when she's quiet. Is this a good way of handling this? She LOVES to get up on the table! She's ALWAYS walking on the coffee table. It's the only real table we have here, so all of our meals are eaten at it and we don't want her on it. She'll get up there and stick her face right into what we're eating and sometimes she takes food. She used to live with my mom before this, and she set down no rules at all. She used to feed her right off her plate while Arwen was standing on the table, so this might be a very hard habit for me to break. How can I handle this?? Should I use time outs, or just set keep setting her down on the floor? Thank you all for your help!


  • Nadine SchommerNadine Schommer Member Posts: 20
    edited 16 January, 2014
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 31 January, 2014
    you prob didn't get much response because that was the day Catster dropped the bomb on us all & said they were closing. Everyone has been scrambling around here saving theri pages & stuff - anyways Keep putting her down from the table & say No table! do not pet her or interact, and that should help her get the idea that is not so fun. Kittens like to chew, so lots of toys & play time to wear her out. Some of the crazies will calm down - she is just a baby still. Good luck!
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