3 Cats with Different Diets...Please Help!

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Hello everyone! I'm hoping someone can help...I've run out of ideas for how to effectively feed my cats. Here's some background.... Alba: problems with stones, can only eat Royal Canin Urinary S/O Rye: a little overweight, no other health issues Tonks: 10 month old kitten, needs to eat lots of good food to help her grow Situation: Switching from free feeding of dry with small meal of wet daily to only meals of wet. That transition is hard enough on its own and I've found it especially difficult because everyone eats a little differently. My main problem is with Rye...Rye LOVES dry food and, because he was eating the S/O, he was basically just eating a lot of mostly empty carbs. We're about a week and a half into the transition now and we got some top quality wet food for him and Tonks. They both seem really interested in it but Rye just isn't eating much at all. This morning I gave him 2.75 oz of wet food. He worked on it for 30 minutes and only ate .75 oz. For his age and body type, he should be taking in 5.5 oz a day. The whole ritual from putting the plate down to picking it up takes about 30-35 minutes. I don't let it last longer than that but I feel uncomfortable cutting it much shorter because Rye is not eating much at all. He's not even eating half of what his daily intake is supposed to be which concerns me. I also have to monitor the feeding because our S/O cat can't have any of the regular food, and Tonks would eat everyone's wet food if I let her. Complications: -My work schedule is such that I can't do a mid-day feeding. -I can't leave any wet food down during the day because Alba can't eat regular food and the vet doesn't want Rye and Tonks to eat the S/O wet food. -I live in a studio-style apartment so there is only a bathroom door. Everything else is an open space. Rye will not eat in the bathroom because he gets spooked. Alba will not eat in the bathroom because he pees everywhere. Any ideas? I know that was a lot of information, so if you've made it this far, thanks for reading!


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    I know how hard it is to feed multiple cats different diets - it's a lot of work! If you can't separate them, my only suggestion is to try to get the slower cat to eat faster and enjoy the wet meals. Have you tried Forti Flora? It's a probiotic but it's made out of the same thing they coat dry food with and most cats can't resist it. You just sprinkle it on the canned food. You can usually get it at your vet's.
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