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Hi, I am looking for a house cat to join my family this year. I'm thinking it's between the Birman, the Ragdoll or the BSH because as a wheelchair user, I would like a large, affectionate cat that I can reach easily by leaning down from my wheelchair. What are the pros and cons of owning each please? Any other breeds I should consider? I am torn between getting a kitten or a cat, but before deciding whether to get a kitten or an older juvenile, I wanted to ask a few questions so that I can make sure I would be a good owner, I hope you don't mind. 1. How big are 13 week old Ragdoll, Birman and BSH kittens are in comparison to kittens that grow into medium sized cat breeds? (I want to bond with the cat as soon as I have him/her, so I need to reach them unless they would jump on me voluntarily) 2. I have a placid, low-energy 8 year old dog who loves nothing more than chilling on his bed, wandering up to people for strokes when he feels like it then going back to a quiet spot to rest. Are even the most docile, sweet cat breeds little balls of crazy as kits? 3. How likely is it that a kitten would be frightened of an electric wheelchair? 4. Would a ragdoll, birman and a BSH try to dart for the door as soon as my carers wanted to enter/leave? They can't go far because I live on a cul-de-sac so we'd catch them easily, but would they try to run for freedom all the time? Thanks, Laura


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    It's Stella. We're all cat mutts here so don't know about breeds, but we do know that if you get a cat as a kitten, they will adjust to anything. Normally a cat might be afraid of an electric wheelchair but I am sure if the kitten knows its person is on this thing it will be okay. Get a kitten who is adventurous but calm, and who will jump on your lap. Our person is handicapped and she would have trouble bending over and picking up anything other than a small cat--her strength is not enough to pick up Fluff who weighs 18 lbs. We think you might be better off with a smaller cat, unless you have good upper body strength and can bend over easily. Good luck with your kitty! :-h
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    I've never had a specific breed of cat; only mixed, so I can't help you with the 3 breeds you mentioned. Another breed of cat that comes to mind is the Maine Coon (or a Maine Coon mix). They are a large breed (unless it's a mix), but they are said to be more "dog like" than other cats. Perhaps an adult cat from an animal shelter might be for you. Shelters are over-flowing with adult or young adult cats because everyone wants kittens. What may be purrrfect for you is an adult cat that has been turned in to the shelter because its owner has passed away or has gone into a nursing home. That type of cat is used to a more quiet living situation and possibly used to a wheelchair or other furniture made for senior citizens. As for some of your other questions -- it's really up to the individual cat. Just like people, every cat has its own personality, even within a certain breed. But every cat and kitten goes crazy at least once a day -- running through the house or chasing imaginary prey. With a quiet, laid-back dog, either the cat/kitten will try to play with him, or if he ignores the cat/kitten, the cat/kitten won't bother the dog. Trying to bolt out an opened door -- I've had 10 cats in my lifetime and never had any that wanted to bolt outside ... until now. One of my 4 cats is always trying to bolt out the door. Then he races around the yard and won't let me catch him until we've completed a few circuits around the house.
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    It's Queenie. Your person is lucky, Sundance. We have always tried to get out the door and last Nov. we did it, me and my bro Fluff. We ran off into the field behind the house and stayed outside for 4 days (me) and 10 days (Fluff) until we were lured into a trap with tuna fish and taken inside, spitting and squalling. Our person nearly expired from worry and she is still mad at us. Good thing we came inside as this has been one of the worst winters in our lifetime and the icy cold stuff would have been dreadful. And the coyotes also in the field ... :-O
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