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New to making cat food~no grinder?

monica jeanmonica jean HaverhillMember Posts: 10
edited 30 August, 2014 in Home Prepared Food & Recipes
Hello, New to here as well and will eventually do more than just ask questions, but my little boy is now an indoor only (after 4yrs being an outdoor cat of his own choice-against my wishes) and i've been doing more research now since he's depending on me alone for food. So i want to make his food since i've seen too many recalls at my job (a dog kennel where we recieve notifications on recalls) and i think he may like it better anyways since he has been killing everything from mice to birds to rabbits and chipmunks for the past few years (even before he decided to abandon us he still would kill things and eat part of them than leave the rest for the dog) Anyways i am following the recipie from catinfo but i don't want to buy a grinder right off the bat, and i also plan to switch him slowly since i still have some dry kibble (Fromm) left, he also wont touch wet food (i've tried just about every brand from petco-including different flavors and textures) so how do i add the supplements? I plan to chunk the meat up (i've given him a couple pieces and he will take my finger with it if i'm not careful) and start slowly (maybe one meal a day if that for a couple weeks and work up to full/mostly full feeding of it). Anways so confusing i no>


  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 15 August, 2014
    Do you have a food processor? You can use that to grind up meat: You may be able to find a used grinder on Craigslist or FreeCycle. Another option is to buy ground raw meat. Not the stuff from the supermarket. sells ground raw meat for pet food. There are other brands. Some specialty pet stores may have a few brands of ground meat. I think Bravo Pet and Primal Pet are two :-k Some ground raw pet food meats contain liver and organs and bones. You could get those or get the plain ground meat. I think for now you can just give your cat small amounts of the plain cut up pieces of meat so he gets used to it. Then make up a small batch with supplements and freeze it into portion sizes, maybe a few sample sizes as well. Thaw out some of the raw food and offer it along with the regular food. Then slowly increase the amount of raw food. Check out the Raw Forum for more info on making raw food :-h I don't think this one (Home Prepared Foods and Recipe) gets much traffic :-k
  • monica jeanmonica jean HaverhillMember Posts: 10
    edited 17 August, 2014
    Bought some chicken thighs and cooked them just until the outside was cooked then cut it up into chunks (getting it off the bone was annoying) and gave it to my cat after a couple hours without food (hes usually dry free fed which is what i'm getting him off of) and he sniffed it and wouldn't eat it until i picked up some and then he was very happy to chew the raw chunks, hes used to killing and eating his own dinner including chipmunks and rabbits but now that hes indoors hes gotten hooked on dry in about a month... fattie... will probably slowly add supplements sprinkled on top and soon buy a grinder and grind some just for the supplements/bone and chunk the rest
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 19 August, 2014
    Ah, here's more info on your question! This sounds like a cat that would do really well on prey model raw. This is what we also call "Frankenprey", where you feed a variety of raw meat to mimic the diet your cat would get in the wild by eating whole creatures. It's the same proportions as ground - 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ. The difference is that you feed the raw meat on the bone so your cat can gnaw and chew. You could see how he does by feeding a small, chewable meat/bone combo like a raw chicken wing tip. He may have to rebuild his jaw strength so you can start slowly and see if he likes it. The other thing you could try is to take one of the thighs you have and smash the bone up a bit with the hammer (don't take the meat off, just try to get the thighbone in smaller pieces). Just don't cook any bones - that's when they become brittle and splinter into dangerous pieces. A raw bone is not dangerous and provides a lot of dental benefits too. One last thing. You really shouldn't mix raw and dry food within 12 hours of each other. Dry food is full of so many ingredients that are not part of a cat's natural diet, that it takes a very long time to digest. Raw food moves through their systems very quickly and can back up behind the dry in the digestive process. Raw's quick digestion rate is one of the reasons you don't have to worry about the bacteria in the food, but if it sits too long in the digestive system, that bacteria can be dangerous. Hope this helps!
  • monica jeanmonica jean HaverhillMember Posts: 10
    edited 23 August, 2014
    So say i feed dry from 10pm-7am then at 7pm i feed him a few chunks of raw for dinner is that ok? Right now he wont eat wet at all so im having trouble transitioning him slowly
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 25 August, 2014
    Yes, that would be ok. Meanwhile here are some tips to help transition, which will make everything so much easier:
  • monica jeanmonica jean HaverhillMember Posts: 10
    edited 30 August, 2014
    Got him eating wet with some cooked chicken so ima wean him off dry to wet thn from that to semi cooked thn raw I think
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