Issues with cats not covering feces

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I'm gonna skip the awkward intro part and get to it ha. So we adopted our two girls back in May and they are now a year old and then, we didn't think them not covering their feces was an issue because we figured they were still learning (we adopted them at 8 months old I think). But it's starting to annoy us and we're not sure what to do. They try- we can hear their claws on the litter box edge or even the side of the toilet bowl, when they are trying to cover. Did we miss the chance to teach them how to cover it? Or can we still teach them? Or is it a privacy issue? (we don't have a 'lid' or 'cover' on the litter box, which I think we need to get). Help!


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    I have had cats 40 plus years. I'm the official butt and pan cleaner in the house. Some cover while other wildly swipe the paw on edge of the pan to never touch the litter. My favorite are the few cats that never even tried to cover and walk away. I have never found one litter better to get them to cover. I'm afraid even if you lid the pan, they would not do better. If you do not want to put up with it, would automatic cleaning pan, like a litter mate, be in your future? (There is another one that washes the litter when it is setup in a bathroom.) I have never taught a cat to cover better. I just use one of those automatic air fresheners sprays to keep the odor down until I can get to the pans in the basement. My tiny pan in our one and only bath room get cleaned twice a day by me myself and I. Only one cat poops in it. She covers 50% of the time. I have the problem that sometimes the poop does not fall in the pan. It's stuck to a butt. Candie likes to run it off until it falls off in the house. Today, it was just stuck on Cookie and I find it later. And Brownie has decided not poop in the pan anymore. He poops next to one pan. Oh well.
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    I don't think I've ever heard of a 'litter mate' but I think that is something we should definitely invest in. I know that from past experiences with cats, when the litter box is covered, they feel more privacy and they feel like you listened to them? I guess. But thank you! That helps.
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    A lot of cats don't cover their poop. I don't know if they're simply lazy or what. I have several cats who never cover their poop, they just "dump and go." I have a couple of other cats who, if they're around when these non-covering cats use the litter, will go into the litter box and with a disgusted look on their faces they will cover the feces for the negligent cats! I haven't found that covered litter pans or uncovered litter pans make any difference. For cats that poop over the edge of the litter pan, this is easily corrected by getting a rubbermaid/sterilite type plastic storage box about 30 inches long and 18 inches tall. You cut a circular hole in one end about 9 inches in diameter and about 6 inches up from the bottom of the box, for an entrance hole. These big boxes are cheaper than most litter pans, are of a size that cats like, and a cat cannot pee or poop over the sides of the box. You can use the boxes either covered or uncovered, most cats prefer uncovered litter pans. For cats who get poop stuck to their rear ends (usually longhairs) the best remedy is to gently clip the hair short under the tail, around the ****, on the inner backs of the hind legs, and on the underside of 1/4 of the tail closest to the body. I keep the hair in these areas of my old Persian clipped short all the time to prevent him from getting poop stuck in his coat.
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    Oh okay. Thank you for the advice and tips! They are most appreciated. Do you use a littler mat? We've looked at Wal-Mart, pet stores, and other places like online and they are expensive and I don't know what size of mat would be best. I know it minimizes the amount of litter 'sand' they get everywhere. Seems like that's another issue. It gets ALL over my house.
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    I couldn't afford a litter mat. I found a cheap cloth placemat and I use that. Maybe 2 would work for you!
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