Out of ideas for litter training, please help!

Adrianna HitchinsAdrianna Hitchins Member Posts: 1
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The situation: I have a former stray cat whom I successfully trained to use a letterbox while she was quarantined in one room, but since she has had the run of the house, she has regressed. I thought at first she was just getting confused in the rest of the house, but it's been a month and it's a small house. The setup: One litterbox upstairs in my study. This was set up during her quarantine and I was hoping to eventually be able to remove but now my other cat uses it as well. The other litterbox is an enclosed litterbox on the first floor. This is the "regular" litterbox that predates Stray Kitty. World's Best Cat Litter in both boxes. What I have tried: -Taking the hood off the enclosed litterbox. Stray Kitty still won't use it. -Placing Stray Kitty in the litterbox after she eats and after she goes elsewhere. I think this helped with the initial litter training when she was quarantined. -Confining her to the bathroom with the litterbox. Unfortunately, I discovered she can open the door. -Spraying her favorite bathroom spots with felaway and/or Nature's Miracle No Spray DOES keep her from returning to them, but unfortunately it doesn't keep her from finding another non-litterbox "bathroom." -Cat Attract. Seemed to help at first.


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    I see many people say that you should have one more litter box than you do cats. Like if you have 2 cats then you should have 3 litter boxes. ....that said, I've never done that. We went to Walmart and purchased a opaque tote/bin with a lid. Drilled a bunch of holds around the top half of it & the lid and cut out a door on the side of it. It's quite large and both of our cats can fit in it (not at the same time, but if they wanted to they could. LOL) and completely turn around without touching the sides or top. Perhaps stray kitty just doesn't like the size or style of the litter boxes you are using. The set up we made costed us about $6 and is much larger than most any of the litter boxes we could buy in the store. (too bad I can't post you a pic in here) Or it could be that stray kitty doesn't like the actual litter. Just my thoughts...Not sure if it helps or not, but thought I'd at least make the suggestion. Good luck to you and stray kitty. :)
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    First unless you get all the urine, no spray will deter them. Natures Miracle may have to be reapplied several times. The other box that was there before, may smell too much like your other kitty. (do they get along?) Also depending on how old that box is, it might be due for replacement. After a while their claw scratches in the plastic do hold an odor for them. She may not like that litter. Perhaps try a different one in the other box. Was she using it before your other kitty started to use it too? It could be that she prefers her "own" potty. If it is placed where she feels vulnerable, she may not use it. I would maybe go back to the quarantine set up for a few days, to see if you can get things to click back into place. They also sell a sprinkle cat attract herb for the box to help them. It is frustrating, I know. Also has she been to the vet just to rule out a bladder infection, etc.?
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