Advice on Adopting Kitten for First Time

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In May I will be moving into an apartment. After I move into my new apartment I want to get a kitten. My schedule: Last two weeks of May through end of August are 100% off of work. So I will initially have a lot of time to dedicate to the kitten. When work starts, I will be looking at 10-11 hour work days. I have never owned a cat before, so I was hoping to get some advice. (1) Considering that I will be working 10-11 hour days starting end of August, should I adopt 2 kittens at once? (2) I get hives when I handle cats. Does anybody have personal experience with that? All my other allergy symptoms went away over time with exposure to a previous cat that I lived with for a while (details below). Will hives go away over time also? Some background on me: I have always been allergic to cats. However my ex-boyfriend had a cat (one Maine Coon). So for the year and a half we were together, I lived with a cat 100% of weekends and time off. The cat had full run of the entire house, including the bedroom. When I first started staying there, I would get runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and hives when I pick her up (skin to fur contact). The itchy watery eyes and runny nose went away. However, my boyfriends cat was standoffish. She was sweet, but would not let anybody pick her up. So I never got exposed to fur-to-skin contact more than twice total (both times I got hives and they went away quickly). She would sit on my lap all the time and I would pet her, but that would be it. When I hold other cats I get hives from skin-to-fur contact usually on my chest and arms. It doesn't hurt or itch, it just looks bad. It goes away within a few hours if I do nothing, it goes away sooner with cream.


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    I can't help you with your hives problem. Probably ask your doctor. (Although he will most likely tell you not to get a cat). For the length of time you will be away, I would suggest getting 2 kittens to keep each other company. It would be good to confine them to only a room or two while they are kittens. Be sure it's kitten-proof: no cleaning products they can get into; no plants; make sure the lid on the toliet is down so they can't fall in and drown. Are you planning on getting a kitten from an animal shelter? If so, you may want to keep an open mind and look at the adult cats. They are more settled, will sleep most of the time you are gone and many cats prefer to be the "only cat" in the house so you don't have to adopt two.
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