Gun Shy and Nervous Wreck (Mouth Problems)

Amanda BeckmanAmanda Beckman Member Posts: 7
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Hello, everyone. I'm going to provide a little background with my post to hopefully explain my situation. Firstly, I've been a member of Catster since 2005. Sprinkles Ricardo, Ashes, and Dusty are my cats. I tried to link to Facebook and screwed everything up, so my login is lost in space. I made my new Catster account with my new cats. They are new to Catster, I am not. So...Sprinkles passed away from mouth cancer in January 2014 three months before his 16th birthday. He was my world and baby. My mom passed away in April from cancer. She was my world as well. I desperately wanted a new cat to help cope with Mom's and Sprinkles's deaths, so we got Piper, another tuxedo. She helped a little. I got another tuxedo in August, Soxers, so Piper would have a friend. They adored each other. Ashes, Mom's 13-year-old cat, passed away suddenly in September from a blood clot. Back to 2 cats in the house. Soxers passed away in October from FIP. We were very traumatized as he was so young. We got Gandalf later in October. He is a joy and chose me as his human. This is all in 2014. I've had a horrible year, personally. Now, Gandalf is ill. He will be 5 months on December 10, 2014. He smells really bad/ill and his gum is red and swollen after a baby tooth came out. I thought it was his ears at first because they smelled and were very dirty not long after the vet cleaned them (he has had Revolution twice since). The vet can't see him until Tuesday at the earliest, and I'm so nervous because I've lost so many this year, I just don't know what to do. He loves my face with his face constantly and paws at his mouth and sneezes. I've read some things online which only fuels my dread. His vaccinations are up to date, but so were Soxers'. He is still playful and eats, but doesn't want me to put him down and kind of hangs over my arm. is there something I can do until Tuesday? I'm so afraid his heart will get sick from the infection or he has periodontal disease or something.


  • Greg StawinogaGreg Stawinoga So. HollandMember Posts: 1,000
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    If there is a emergency vet by you, you can take him there. If you do not want to want till tuesaday, you can call around first thing Monday morning, and try to get him into another vet, sorry you are going thru this. Purrs
  • Amanda BeckmanAmanda Beckman Member Posts: 7
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    Thank you. I'm sorry for rambling on, I'm just worried. We do have an emergency vet about 30 minutes from here, but my boyfriend thinks I'm overreacting, so I've waited. I gave Gandi 1/4 a baby aspirin and he's not rubbing his face or loving my face. I'm calling the vet tomorrow. We have another vet locally, but we switched because I've never met a vet who didn't seem to care for animals like the one at the old place. She had no "bedside manner" to speak of!
  • Amanda BeckmanAmanda Beckman Member Posts: 7
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    I don't know if anyone is reading, but Gandi is healthy! He is teething and his gums are a little irritated, but his appointment was a good one :-). Zymox for his ears and he is good to go. I feel so much better!
  • stacy mitchumstacy mitchum Bridgeport TXMember Posts: 5,857 ✭✭✭
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    That is good news! I have one now that has stomatitus and that is what came to mind when you mentioned mouth problems, so glad you got a good report.:)
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
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    Glad he is doing well, and I love his name. I remember you and Sprinkles too! Just a note - I would not give baby aspirin to him again. I know you meant well and were trying to relieve his pain, but check with your vet if this is a safe thing to do. I know that acetametaphine (Tylenol) is deadly for cats, but I am not sure about the aspirin. It sure seems that you will be happy to put this past year behind you. I send you hugs for your pain. Perhaps Gandalf the Grey was sent to you by your loved ones, (human & kitty alike) to help heal your heart. Here's to a fresh year with your new kitty! |:|
  • Aleasha CasarettoAleasha Casaretto ColleyvilleMember Posts: 512
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    Hello. I will try to help you out. I just recently added Chloe to Catster. She passed away about two years ago. I used to use Facebook, but I got tired of the drama. Okay, there is always going to be drama – even on Catster – but Facebook was just drama 24/7. At least Catster isn’t filled with perverts! Like I said, I will try to help you out. I’m sorry to hear about Sprinkles’s death. I know exactly how you feel. I’m very sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. My grandmother passed away almost four years ago. After Chloe, I don’t feel like I could handle having another cat in my life. I know there are many cats out there that need good homes, but Chloe was like my own daughter and I don’t feel like I could ever have another cat. Chloe actually lived with three other cats (my mom’s). She was always the black sheep and constantly attacked by one of her other cats. I’m very sorry to hear about Ashes. That is an extremely rare way for a cat to die! You must keep your cats away from other cats that are infected with FIP. Cats with FIP are usually also infected with FECV and shed both viruses. FIP is always fatal. It is a genetic mutation of the FECV virus. I’m sorry you’ve been having a bad year, as have I. Kittens are wonderful. Anytime a kitten has a bad odor, you need to have them seen by a veterinarian. I recommended cleaning his ears once a week. Have you tried giving your kitten a bath? Pawing at the mouth is the classic symptom of an infected tooth. Something could also be stuck in his mouth. I’m very glad to hear you have his vaccines up to date. Gandalf looks at least part Russian Blue and they are a breed that wants to be held constantly. That is just their nature. Just give him a lot of love.
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    Thank you. I was very, very nervous about the baby aspirin and didn't do it again. I knew about the Tylenol products and did see vets mention half a baby aspirin online, but I was nervous about that and tried a 1/4 instead and watched him. I told the vet and the assistant that I gave him 1/4 a baby aspirin 2 days before he was able to have an appointment. For the FIP, Piper was around Soxers (the kitten who passed from FIP) and shared litter boxes, but the vet didn't seem too concerned, although I was. She told us to wash stuff and change the litter and everything after Soxers passed, and he was buried with his little blanket I would wrap him in. We washed everything, changed everything, and sprayed everything. She and Gandi have been to the vet since Soxers passed and are doing well from what we're told. Gandi still loves being held even though his ears and mouth seem better. I check his ears often, which is easy since they are so big :-). He wants to be held most when I'm working at the computer (I work from home), and he flops on his back and "ugly sleeps" with his mouth hanging open and his eyes open just a sliver. Sprinkles was always jealous of the computer, too.
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