Advice on owning a cat? First time cat owner maybe..

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Smokey belongs to my sister and brother in law who live a couple of hours away. I'm a dog person and am proud to say it %:D% but i will admit cat's are cute. But there are some downfalls they shed more then dogs they scratch up furniture. They also have a litter box that can make that specific part of the house smell awful. Also i am bringing a puppy home in a few days of my own so how well do dogs and cats really get along? What are some solutions for the shedding the cat litter smell and the scratching? Do cats really cough up hair balls i fell stupid for asking but ive never had a cat so i wouldn't know.:r What are some good cat breeds for first time owners?


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    Get a kitty from a shelter - you save 2 lives. The kitty you rescue & the kitty that the shelter will have room for. I would research and think it through before you bring a cat home. They are very different than dogs. If they have a scratch post, they use that- please don't declaw. Potty box, if kept clean 1-2 times per day should not smell. Cats are funny, glorious little creatures, but they like routine, and need attention and play time too. I am not trying to sound mean - but if you are getting a puppy, maybe you should wait til your pup is settled before you bring a kitty home. If you do decide that you want one, a shelter will be able to help you find a cat that maybe has experience with dogs, and whose personality will fit your needs. I am not saying that you shouldn't get a kitty - just think it through. You might find it helpful to visit a shelter a few times & play with the residents. You would get a feel for them and maybe find your new pal. good luck! ;c;:-h
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    Hey Smithwick :-h i kind of planned on getting a cat a few months after the puppy is brought home =; I had heard about using a scratching post but i'm kind of nervous on what if he/she decides to try out the furniture instead? How do you correct cats as you mentioned they are different then dogs. I have gone to the shelter a few months ago and i fell in love they were all so beautiful! I think that is the way for me to go picking a cat from a shelter that has experience with being around dogs. I wouldn't declaw but i would prefer a cat that is already declawed just in case he/she takes a swipe at the puppy don't need to rush to vet for stitches.
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    Almost all cats that are dog friendly do not use their claws. Even if it is correcting the pup's behavior the cat will keep its claws sheathed. If you do get a cat that is already declawed you must never let it outside. Without its claws a cat cannot defend itself if attacked. Also there are many articles written that a declawed cat has a tendency to bite. I found the best way to keep a cat from scratching the furniture is to get a cat condo -- the taller, the better. Cats love high places. They feel more secure, they can watch over everything, and they can get away from a too-friendly pup. And while they are climbing their condo they realize, "hey, this feels great to scratch on!" and they go to the cat condo when they feel the need to scratch.
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    My sister got a cat at Petsmart was declawed when she got her. When mad, she sometimes slaps, always hisses but never bits before running off. In a few months after you get your puppy, go back to the shelters & tell them you are looking for a declawed & fixed cat good with dogs & leave your name & number. Make sure you tell them you want a short hair one. Long hair cats groom themselves all the time & end up with hair balls they throw up. When we had short hair siamese never a hair ball, unlike my semi-long hair Birmans always having hair balls. You will need to comb a dog or cat weekly. Get a Goody comb for humans. They last longer & are better than any pet ones for cats. I have 1 pan upstairs & 6 in the basement for 3 cats. 2 pans for 1 cat is the rule. 3 pans for 2 cat & 4 pans for 3 cats & so on. Put the pans where the puppy will not get into them. The basement ones are cleaned weekly. I have one of those auto-stray air fresheners with a water or vanilla scent spraying every 30 minutes. The 1 upstairs is cleaned daily into a small trash can with a closing tight lid you step on the pedal to open the lid. I use a 8 gal. trash can bag in the trash can for easy cleaning with less odor. Arm & Hammer has a really good scent clumping litter, I think it is Double Duty. PS, I have a thick clear plastic (good to winterize windows) I have taped with clear packaging tape to the wall & my bathtub that hangs into the litter pan. So if kitty pees standing up, all the pee runs back into the pan. And the pee never gets under the pan where you can smell the bad odor. I did the same thing in the basement pans to by hanging the plastic to framing.
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