Bald Nose Diagnosis Vs. Mental Health

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I have a beautiful orange cat who over the past few months has lost the hair on the bridge of his nose. He's seven, so at first I attributed the gradual thinning to age. But the other day I came home and noticed how dramatically different he looked and became concerned. The patch is as big as the end of his nose and quite dark, perhaps due to wetness. I googled and found a post elsewhere online with the same problem. That case turned out to be ringworm, and indicated that diagnosis was just a matter of taking a small scraping from the nose and doing a culture. I was hopeful that a quick trip would clear things up. My vet, however, simply professed ignorance and prepared to send us packing. When I inquired about diagnostic tests she said the only option was a biopsy, requiring "light" sedation. My cat had to do an overnight stay at an emergency clinic some years ago for a separate issue, and now the vet sends him straight into manic anxiety, scrabbling and and trembling neurotically. He is now scheduled for a full battery of tests to rule out anything serious, but I'm wondering if it's worth the stress. He groomed himself for HOURS when we got home until every inch of him that he could reach was drenched. I've never seen this kind of behavior in him and I'm concerned that subjecting him to high-stress situations may be cultivating a personality disorder. The vet caught him licking his nose three times during the visit. I thought that nose licking was natural in cats, but she expressed otherwise. I'm conflicted on the right thing to do here. Has anyone had similar experience?


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    IS there a possibility of seeing another vet? It could be stress related, rubbing, could be overgrooming, could be other things too. Your vet should take your concerns seriously, and answer all your questions. I would be concerned too - especially if the skin is darker - what can cause that? I hope that things turn out ok for you. PLease post how you are.|:|:-h
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    Your cat is most likely suffering from nasal dermatoses. There are many diseases that can affect the skin on a cat’s nose. If he is in the sun often, it may be solar dermatitis. Does he have any ulcers or nodules on his skin? Are there any nasal lesions with pus? You should get your vet to take a skin sample. Like I said, there are many diseases out there that can cause a cat to lose hair. He may be suffering from allergic and irritant contact dermatitis. I would not recommend using any medication that isn’t prescribed by a veterinarian. Loss of hair in cats is actually very common. What you are describing doesn’t sound normal. Just like humans, cats shed their hair and this is normal. The amount of shedding will vary by the seasons. I recommend that you brush him every single day. I don’t think what is going on with your cat is normal, though. Your cat is losing excessive hair. My guess is that he is traumatizing the follicles himself. Chloe & Popsicle’s Mom Licensed Veterinary Technician
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