which breed is best for me: devon rex vs siamese

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Hi, I'm thinking about getting a cat and I am really indecided.. there are several breeds I like! My situation is this: I work from home so I am home the majority of the time, I live in a flat with balcony but no garden. Every month or so I travel for work for a couple of days. I'd like a lively, affectionate cat, intelligent and playful, who enjoyes following me and staying on my lap, but is also friendly with the rest of family and guests.. I have an allergy to dust mites (no allergy to cats though) so my doc suggested I avoid long-hair cats that shed a lot. My favourite breeds are devon rex and modern siamese/oriental. I like devon rex mostly for their "monkey" character, I didn't like their appearance much at first, but after visiting some breeders I have come to like them. The only issue I see with this breed is that they are a bit frail, for example they feel cold and my house is a bit cold (although a breeder told me the temperature is a bit low but still ok, as long as I buy some warmer for their kennel). I don't like the idea of my cat catching a cold and being sick!. Another issue is that the breeder told me they don't like to stay alone so I should buy 2 of them to keep each other company in those days when I am on a mission. On the other hand, I like siamese/orientals (and even balinese, but they have semi-long hair) for their appearance, for me they are really super-gorgeous and elegant cats, and I like the fact they are intelligent and affectionate. The issue here is that I heard they are very possessive and even jealous, they become affectionate only to one person in the family and like to "boss around" the owner and other pets, and almost ignore guests. In fact I was even thinking to get a devon rex and a siamese, but I don't know if they are compatible, or the siamese would be too dominant? Some thai breeder told me I should look for thai cats, which are like siamese but less extreme in the character.. is this true? Thanks for your advice!


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    Personally I don't believe in buying cats when there are so many without homes. If you considered adopting an adult cat you would already know their personality and could get exactly what you want. Rescues have all kinds of breeds available and for every one they home, another can be saved by them. Please consider adoption.
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    Instead of buying from a breeder, consider adopting from a breed specific rescue instead. You can Google for a Siamese or Devon Rex rescue. Or look at Petfinder.com for Siamese and Devon Rex cats for adoption. An average domestic cat can meet your specifications (lively, affectionate cat, intelligent and playful, etc) just as well as a specific cat breed. Visit your local shelters and rescues to see the cats. There may be one who is just right for you =;
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