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Fibrosarcoma - share your experiences/info? (Especially if your cat had seizures)

R TR T OhioMember Posts: 23
edited 8 April, 2015 in Senior Cats
(This is a repost from the Health forum, since I am a senior kitty as well!) Hello all, I'm somewhere between 12 and 14 years old (we think about 13) and I am already on a twice-daily regimen of phenobarbital for my seizures. To give some history: I showed up as a maybe 9-15month old after a blizzard with a broken jaw, more than a decade ago now, and started having seizures not long after. Luckily, my family fed me nutrient paste and water through an eyedropper until my jaw healed. I have been on phenobarbital ever since then. The vet has always marveled at how, aside from the seizures, my health has been very good. I did have to have a few rotten teeth removed years ago, likely related to whatever broke my jaw before I followed the family home to their doorstep. But recently something has cropped up. A family member went to pick me up to help me get on the bed, since I get arthritis sometimes and need help jumping up on the high adjustable bed. She noticed a hard lump on my left thigh, close to my butt. She took me to the vet as soon as she had the time. A biopsy of the lump was done, and while the vet only found fluid free of a large amount of white blood cells, the vet thinks it could be fibrosarcoma. It could also be benign, they are not sure. What they do know, though, is that this lump has tendrils branching out, and that is moving them to recommend surgery in the next week. A "sooner than later" approach. The surgery would be about $600, not counting any followup costs, and while the family feels it is imperative to do this surgery sooner than later, they are concerned. The lump is close to my butt, on the top of my left thigh, very near my tail - they are worried I will get the stitches infected from using the bathroom. (I am known to scoot on the carpet if I am having trouble pooing - another concern.) They are also worried that the anesthesia could trigger a seizure on the operating table, or that it could otherwise alter my already-delicate brain chemistry (this was voiced by the vet.) They also know that, due to my age, I could simply not live through the surgery. What the family has decided, though, is if they do the surgery and the lump grows back, or gets worse in some way... they will let me go. They do not want to drag out the illness with surgery after surgery, especially with my anesthesia risks. They want to make sure that surgery really is the right option before going through with it, since I am not showing signs of pain. I sit right on the lump without any noticeable signs of irritation, and I didn't flinch at all when the vets were prodding it. I still drink out of the toilet and I still steal Bandit's food when she's not in the room. But the family doesn't want to leave this lump go if it is likely to grow and spread quickly. They are just not sure what decision to make.


  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
    edited 8 April, 2015
    I had fibrosarcoma caused, most likely, by the 3-year rabies vaccine, which should NEVER, EVER be given to cats! Anyway, did the vet send the biopsy away to be tested? Before I would opt for surgery, I would want to know exactly what we're dealing with! The fact that there are tendrils is certainly not a good sign, but an absolute diagnosis would be best. Did you ever have a rabies or a a leukemia shot in the left hip, where the lump is? Although the 3-year-rabies shot has been involved, the leukemia vaccine was also considered. If it is fibrosarcoma, you need to know that it is a very fast growing tumor, and it does spread. I had a biopsy which showed that the tumor was cancerous; then I had part of my hind leg amputated by my regular vet. The tumor returned, so she referred me to a veterinary surgeon, who removed the remaining part of my hind leg; at that point, I had no joint at all at my hip on that side. I was free of cancer for almost two years (regular checkups with the surgeon), but then the tumor came back. The surgeon said he could remove part of my pelvis and I might stay on Earth another couple of years. My mom loves me, and she said, no, enough was enough. She kept me as comfortable and happy as she could, but in just a couple of months, she blessed me with my journey to Rainbow Bridge, where I'm waiting to see her when she comes. I don't know what you should do, but you asked for experiences; this was mine.
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