Kitten Plus High Strung But Medicated Older Cat

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Back story: I started with 2 male cats in 03. Somewhere around 07 I took in a sort of friendly feral female. Then in 09 I added another male. In Feb this year one of the original two had a tumor and was put to sleep. Three weeks ago the other of the original two had a heart attack and I found him at the bottom of the steps. The remaining male is young and about 4 weeks ago put on Prozac for aggression toward the cat that had the heart attack as well as peeing and pooping outside of the box. This was after years of trying everything else, please don't judge the meds. He's no longer eliminating incorrectly, and obviously the other cat is gone so no more aggression. So about 2 weeks ago, I brought home Eddie - then 2lbs, guessed he was 8 weeks. I fell in love when they handed him to me and he immediately head butted me. Ed had been picked up about 5 days earlier by animal control (I volunteer at the humane society so I snooped on his record). Ed had tummy issues and wasn't so clear on the litter box. So he lived in the guest bathroom. Tried probiotics for his tummy but ended up starting a 2 week course of antibiotics and anti-bugs last week. Litter box is under control now so he's earned his way into the adjoining guest bedroom. Eddie is living large. The kitten has escaped his room a couple times. The resident female hissed and spit, which I expected. She barely tolerates me. But today Eddie ran into the resident male. Literally ran head first into his chest (head height for the kitten). Then backed up and did it again, transitioning into rubbing his body all down the side of the resident male - who is btw a big fluffy ragdoll. Resident boy hissed and then just walked away. I should say I wanted to adopt an older cat. I was heart broken seeing so many at the humane society but my vet said that a kitten would better to adapt to the resident male. I need someone to please reassure me that the kitten's head first plow into the big cat was friendly and not aggressive.


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    Based on the limited information you posted here, I'd say you have a less than ideal situation on your hands. Your kitten was probably being playful, but I'm guessing you didn't do the entire introduction exercise required. Considering your other kitties problem behaviour in the past, they will take some time to deal with the stress of an intruder (which the kitten right now is) and you will have to go at their pace. I don't know if you have tried a cat behaviourist, and it sounds like you have tried everything in the past, but if you haven't, I'd highly recommend one, to help relieve some of the chronic stress your kitties seem to be experiencing. As for your current situation, I'd do a proper cat introduction between the new kitten and the old residents, so they have the chance to start off on the right foot. you can find the steps here: G'luck!
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