Adult Cat, Tiny Studio?!

Hollie OrdwayHollie Ordway Corntown, NebraskaMember Posts: 2
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Alright, so I'm sure there's been forums around about this before, but I have a question for everyone! It's kind of a two-in-one question, and only half of it involves keeping a home clean with a cat. Here goes. I have a just over two year old torte named Venus. Sweetest cat known to mankind, doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but boy, does she love to play! Get Da Bird and she goes bananas. We presently live in a mid-sized apartment, about 650 sq ft or so, so a good size for the both of us. However, the end of my lease is coming up in about three months, and I am soon to begin paying back the ever dreaded student loans. It's going to force me and Venus out of my apartment into a likely much smaller one just due to cutting back finances to prepare for said loans. I'm guessing this apartment will be a studio anywhere from 300-400 sq ft or so, so much smaller than my present one bedroom apartment. I want to throw out there that this will probably be shorter term, such as six months, as I do plan to move out of country. There's a chance of it extending into a twelve month lease though. I have two concerns. One is, will this even be feasible for a cat with as much energy as Venus? I am terrified this small space might drive her stir crazy, but I don't want to give up my precious baby out of necessity! And two, if I do have to move and bring her with me, how do I keep such a small space clean and odor free? Would I need to do anything different than I'm doing now? I would love stories about first hand experiences living with cats in quite small spaces as well. I'm quite nervous about the idea of this move and the living quarters.


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    To a cat, vertical space is as important as horizontal space. You can make up for the lack of floor space by putting lots of shelves and perches and things for her to climb on. Here's a good article with some tips: Clean and odor free might be a little tougher. :r;):))
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    I agree. As long as there's stuff for your kitty to do, it should be fine. As for smells - I use Arm & Hammer cat litter (tried the Swheat Scoop and oh dear... the smell), also, maybe get some nice smelling odor control plug ins. My place is a bit bigger than yours will be and both those things really helped with smell. But yeah, just make sure your kitty has toys and stuff to jump on and she'll do great I'm sure. :)
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    As for space I'm with the first poster, use vertical space. Put ladders between bookshelves and hang hammocks in high places. Get battery driven toys like the weasel to keep her active. As for smells, you should invest in a good quality cat litter, and an enclosed litter tray with a filter. Use a plug in odour neutraliser in the area too and add baking soda too the cat litter. It will all help. However the best thing to do would be to channel all of that energy into teaching your cat how to use the toilet. That will solve the smell issue instantly. It can be done, you just need patience.
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