Depressed cat?

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We're in a funky situation. There are four adult people living in this house, and four cats. I'm two months old, and the others are all 3 . One of the kitties is a lovely purrball but is causing some problems between feline and human life forms. She doesn't seem happy even though we're all really nice to her. She eats everything off the floor (even tries to eat plastic), even though she's on a diet she's upwards of 20lbs. She sometimes tries to fight us kitties. She was adopted at about 3 months old and hasn't given problems since we moved to a new, big house. We've been in this house for three years and she's not getting better. We're worried. Also, the younger adult people in this house are getting hissed at and bitten by her. They've done nothing wrong! Why is kitty so sad? We have three females and one male (me). She and I kind of get along but she seems so lazy and constantly annoyed. Please help! :((


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    Sometimes cats can start acting out if they are in pain. I'd start with a complete work-up by a vet to see if she is secretly in pain. I'd also try to make sure she has a private place to retreat to where the other cats can't bother her. Choose someplace like a bedroom, laundry room, or even bathroom and make it very comfortable for her with a secluded sleeping place (our cats like blanket forts!) and a litter box just for her. As for her odd eating habits, perhaps leaving healthy things she can eat around will make her happy? Try kitty grass (they sell it at places like Petco and I think even Target) and those little treat-dispensing balls. You can fill them with her regular dry food and even replace a meal with the ball. Perhaps "hunting" her little ball of dry food will help get some aggression out? You may also want to try another brand of food. Maybe her food is lacking in a certain nutrient and it's leaving her crabby and with cravings? Best of luck!
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    Thank you, Fred! We will be sure to try your suggestions. Especially the cat grass, that's gotta be gotten right away. I hear so many things about the benefits. I'd like it too. %:D% She doesn't have places alone right now either. You're onto something. Our house is very open, doors always open (inside of course), cats roaming everywhere. Thanks again. :)
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    Which of the kitties in your family are you talking about? I'm confused; you post you're the only male but Gleep's page says Gleep is male. :-/
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