Newly Adopted and Hiding

Katie JuhaszKatie Juhasz Boston, MAMember Posts: 1
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Hello! I adopted Kevin 6 days ago and he continues to hide. He seems relaxed and calm. He explores at night and when I'm at work. I can tell he's sitting on counters and end tables to look out the window but as soon as I come home he's back under the bed. I'm becoming impatient at this point. Is it normal for this to be going on for this long? How can I get him to come out and interact with me?


  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
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    Welcome to Catster! :w) Some cats take a long time to get used to their new home and purrrson. Six days isn't a long time. It's good that he's checking out your place. Don't push him. Let him decide when to come to you. Have you tried playing with him? Something as simple as a string that you drag along the floor to peak his interest and gets him to follow you.
  • blindcat_donovanblindcat_donovan Member Posts: 7
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    Shade is right. Depending on your cats previous experience it can take some while until he'll warm up with you and six days really isn't that long. As Shade already mentioned, playing would be the fastest way to bond with your cat. If he follows the toy with his eyes, that's already a little victory and if he even reacts otherwise, that's even better. Do baby steps. And show him that you're patient and that all the good stuff is connected with you. You can also use food. Use some really special food (like thuna) and give him a piece of it If he doesn't come to get it lay it on the ground but so he knows that it's from you. You can also feed him with a spoon so he doesn't have to touch your hand. Give him some more time and he'll warm up to you.
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