my cat appears to have blood on the end of his feces. Does anyone know what could cause this?

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  • Vanessa BobackVanessa Boback TampaMember Posts: 3,149
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    In my experience, it means there is a possibility of internal parasites. The best thing you can do is have your vet check it out so you can treat whatever it may be.
  • Laura Cat LadyLaura Cat Lady CaliforniaMember Posts: 70
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    I used to have this also, and I went to a couple different vets to check for parasites and everything came out normal. I had Xrays, too, and everything looked completely fine. So my vet told me that sometimes kitties just have chronic intestinal problems, like how humans have IBS or something. I was told that I needed to eat a lot of fiber, if possible. Anyway, I just learned to live with it for a while and then I developed a different problem with crystals in my urine, so my vet put me on a prescription food (expensive stuff that you can only get from a vet's office). But ever since I've been eating this prescription food my poopies have been blood-free and I'm very clean back there, if you know what I mean. So sometimes all that's necessary is a change in diet. But I do agree with the other kitty; you should probably get check for parasites just to be sure. Good luck!
  • Rachel RobinsonRachel Robinson Bay ViewMember Posts: 1,169
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    I had a cat who dropped a bit of blood on occasion at the end of his BM. This started after we got another cat and she pestered him all the time, no matter what he was doing. The vet determined he had some type of nervous reaction. The blood was fresh, so it was from lower in the colon. The vet prescribed atropine and we gave it any time we saw blood on the BM. It took care of the problem...we had to give it once in a while when he got stressed out again. The atropine calms the smooth muscles of the stomach or intestines down. Now, this was quite a few years ago...there may be better drugs available now, but the point is stress caused this your cat under any stress from a new animal, child, change of any kind? Hope this helps!
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