I don't like my new little brother because I'm a boy too and he's in my space. How can we learn to g

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    Hi there, Tiger! These things take time. What helped my two fellows was a new cat pole and catnip. The two of bonded playing and checking out their new house and soon it lead to eating together, playing, sleeping etc. AlSo while playing together, Try showing the older cat that you still pay attention to him as well as showing the older one that the baby gets attention too. Good luck meow!!!!
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    It depends upon how long the cats have been together. If it's only been a few weeks, give it some more time, cats find it much more difficult to accept new members into their families compared to dogs. Just never force them to be together for too long, it will only make problems worse and the situation more stressful on their part. Give them equal amounts of attention every day so they won't be as jealous of each other. If they do decide to quarrel, have a squirt bottle handy and give them a little splash with a firm, "No.", whenever they fight to let them know that the behavior is not acceptable. We hope you'll get along soon! Good luck!
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    Are your brother and you quarreling openly? If so, a reintroduction might be necessary. Baby gate an area so you can sniff each other and play paws, generally get used to each other, have supervised play-together times. Then, when you're more used to each other, you can be together again and share space.
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