My Brother and I have blood in our Stool, Anyone ever seen this before?

Keri LoshKeri Losh OmahaMember Posts: 6
Joe and I have blood in our poop...we aren't sure if Jello does too. Mommy found out about me (Jack) a couple of weeks ago and took me for a checkup. There's no parasites and it's not worms. They de-wormed me and put me on a medication that's supposed to be for irritable bowels. They told mom to not feed me any people food ever again. (I used to eat popcorn). It's been over two weeks and there's no change. Now mom found out that Joe also has poop in his stool and she's noticed that he throws up every now and then. Usually right after eating, and often after eating wet food. I'm not throwing up, but last night I made a sound like I might, but I didn't. Jello shows no symptoms, but mom hasn't been able to catch him pooing yet. He doesn't throw up...but if both of us have it, he's probably next. Oh, and I just tried to poo..but nothing came out but diarrea and blood. Icky...I've also given up trying to make it to the box sometimes and go on the bathroom rug. Any ideas?

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  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Take Jack and Joe to the vet right away. Perhaps there was something that they missed on Jack, and now it's affecting Joe too. If that's the case, the de-wormer and medication might not have been appropriate, and may actually be making Jack feel worse. Or they both might be suffering from a blockage caused by the popcorn, which is affecting their digestion, period. The vet was on the mark about no human food for any kitties. Our intestines are just not designed to digest some of the junk humans can tolerate, so our meowmies have to turn a deaf ear to us in that case, no matter how much we beg and plead. This applies even if it should turn out that your brofur and you have a problem unrelated to the popcorn.
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    Get your cats to the vet. An x-ray or a biopsy will show you what exactly is wrong with their tummies, This is not normal in any way- diagnosis will be expensive, but you need to find out exactly what is wrong with them before you can take random action. When the vet said no people food for cats, she was correct. Sadly, that also includes processed cat foods AKA the canned and kibble cat foods you see on the shelves of pet stores. The processed checmicals, grains, and dyes will ruin a cat's stomach over time. Cats are carnivores and they have not adapted nor evolved to handle the grains found in cat food. I would recommend a raw food diet. It is a species-appropriate diet that is based on what a cat would eat in the wild (80% raw meat, 10% raw bone, 5% raw liver, and 5% other raw organs like heart). It is cheaper than feeding cat food, and I've noticed a big difference in my cat's health. It is easier for them to digest too.
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