Cats and Kitten all have bad breath. Now the kitten has gas also. Wondering what I'm doing wrong to

I feed them the best I can...making sure by-products in their food is mostly bye-bye. The kitten has some indigestion and maybe an adult cat of my five. I'm thinking they have indigestion or something. I've tried and still have the good bac to add to food...tried other things. The mineral oil (1/2 t) added to food when constated works great. I noticed a very soft fir tonight and figured it was the oil he got with the one meal. But the breath is still bad. Any ideas?

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  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Well, it might be diet related, or it just might be that their teeth are not in the best of shape. When bad breath occurs, more often than not dental problems are behind it. And if their teeth are not in good shape, chewing the food well will be difficult, and therefore the food will be harder to digest. Get the cats who are having the most problems to a vet to get a dental exam. The vet can clean their teeth, and identify any problem areas. If the vet rules out dental problems, then it's time to revisit their diet. It's possible that whatever works with some of your cats is not working with the ones who are having breath and digestion problems. Sadly, even the choicest food will work for some cats, and not others.
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    Why should you add mineral oil to your cats' food? A properly balanced diet should NOT need to be supplemented with anything what so ever. There is a myth about dry cat food cleaning a cat's teeth. This is not true. No processed cat food will clean a cat's teeth. It is cooked with many chemicals and fats, making it stick to the teeth easily. Get your cats to the vet for a check-up. If nothing is found, there is one way I can think of to go about your problems that will probably treat- if not cure your cat's nutrition issues. It's called a raw food diet. It's a diet based off of what a cat would eat in the wild. 80% raw meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% other organs. Cats are carnivores, they need an all-meat diet to thrive. The raw meaty bones will also clean your cat's teeth, you'll never have to brush them! Cats have evolved to eat raw meat, so it is much easier on their tummies. They also absorb ALL of the nutirients (smaller, scentless poop). Go to: for info
  • Catherine StinettCatherine Stinett Art C ityMember Posts: 6
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    Boris and Natasha have good point. Bring them into the vet and discus your concerns. I have found that all my kittens had a bit of gas but grew out of it. Still, Veterinary advise is the best bet. As for a raw diet. Yes, very good, however, our mommy did not have time to properly fix a raw diet, so she feeds us Evo no grain. It's the next best thing to raw, without the raw. It's far higher in meat protein than traditional cat foods and is much better for us kitties. We are healthy, energetic and our coats are very soft, shiney, and mom just can't keep her hands off of us! Especially brother Leopold, she calls him her velvet leopard.
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