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My female kitten keeps peeing on my bed and also on my clothes. Is there anyway to break her of this

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  • Accepted Answer
    you dont say how old she is or how long you have her. i got rikki at 4wks old and kept her in the bathroom with her litter box for a few days. of course i let her out when i was home but when i was gone that's where she stayed. this way if she didn't use the box at least i knew to look in that one room instead of and entire house. also you should keep her out of the bedroom till she gets use to her box
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    It's not really normal for a kitten to pee everywhere. It could be "marking" her territory, but don't only males do that? Have you had her to the vet? If she can't help it then she might have a bladder infection. Keep her box VERY clean. Maybe she doesn't like the litter you have. Once I got some stuff that looked like rock salt and I told my meowmie that was not acceptable!! Or, maybe if you play with her she gets so excited that she can't make it to her box in time.
  • Pina MartinelliPina Martinelli YonkersMember Posts: 19
    Accepted Answer
    OH BOY! This is a problem! The first thing you must do is to take your kitten to the vet to make sure she does not have a urinary tract infection. Sometimes if cats have them they will pee wherever they want to because it simply hurts them when they go. If peeing has hurt them while using the litter box, they will associate the litter box with pain & will not use it. Are there any changes in your house? Cats like routine & can't handle change, so if something is different she may be reacting to it by peeing. Finally, getting rid of cat urine is a real problem. Once a cat has peed on your bed and elsewhere, residual crystals remain in the fabric & clothing that they can smell, but you can't. Since they have associated that as a place to pee, they will do it again. Scrubbing it with basic cleaning products won't work. There are various products out there that can help - Urine Off and Nature's miracle. PS: all cats can spray, including females and males! Spayed and neutered, too
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