I rub my head and neck on everything i pass, constantly turning around in circles rubbing on table a

Wanda JacksonWanda Jackson LawrencevilleMember Posts: 3
Sometimes my mommy wonders what's wrong with me because I roll around on the floor like I have epilepsy, and I'm always rubbing against everything but I won't let her pet or scratch me. She doesn't know if I itch, or just like rubbing, and I can't make her understand me; can you please tell her why I do it, so she'll stop worrying?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Cats rub on things to mark their territory. Your cat may feel insecure about her surroundings and feels the need to mark everything! That could be why she won't let you pet her--she may be feeling upset about something. If she's scratching at her ears, she may have itchy ears and in that case, a trip to the vet to check for infection might be in her future. If she's rolling around on the floor, she may just itch all over which could indicate a skin allergy. Is she losing fur? That's a good indication of stress or an allergy also. If the marking/rubbing is really excessive and she seems stressed, ask your vet if he/she thinks you should use "Feliway", which is like one of those room deodorizer things only it gives off a calming scent for cats. It's available at pet stores.
  • Angel MarksAngel Marks Kingston, OntarioMember Posts: 453
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    I think Izzie has answered your question perfectly. I defintely would not worry about just rubbing. If he was itchy you'd see him scratch a lot with his paws and he would defintely eventually start to lose patches of fur if it was a skin condition. There would definitely be other signs. And some cats don't like to be scratched by their owners because rubbing the fur the wrong way can drive them nuts. Believe me, if Cha-Cha had epilepsy there would be a lot more signs and you'd know right away. It's unmistakable. It's ok to worry, most people want the best for their pet and one pet can act a lot differently from another. The first time I heard my cat chatter at birds I thought she was having a stroke! I'd never heard it before because my other cats had been outdoor cats and just did it outside. Keep an eye on cha-cha to make sure there are no other signs but she sounds pretty normal to me.
  • Darlene WagnerDarlene Wagner MilwaukeeMember Posts: 1,075
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    Have there been any changes in the house? When my two-legged brother moved out I did the same thing, and I even bit my mommy when I heard a loud noise. I marked ALL of his boxes, the walls, the beds-everything in the house. I was just feeling scared. Mommy found out that even changing the furniture around can make kitties act a little weird.
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