I have just purchased a 7 week old kitten. It vomitted 2 days later for about 1 hour and now diareah

I added a little type of different food to her diet and suspect this is the problem. I immediately stopped but diareah hasn't. How long should it go on for. Should I take her off what the pet shop were feeding her and put her on boiled chicken. Is this soft on the insides.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I would not let this go on for any longer. A kitten that young can become dehydrated very quickly! If she started the vomiting and diahrrea when you added the different food, then that's probably what's causing it, so go back to what they were feeding her, but just to be sure I'd get a vet on board if you don't already have one and get her checked out. Take whatever papers the pet shop gave you with the kitten to the vet's. Document everything the vet says to you so that you can go back to the pet shop with his/her diagnoses. Good luck!
  • Julee RothJulee Roth AspenMember Posts: 33
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    Hi - please go to a Vet...never just switch foods on a kitten or cat...and the Vet will suggest some foods to try that are for kittens and mild, but always go slow with switching foods, especially when they are sick. And,you haven't given any milk or dairy products to the kitten, right? No dairy for cats...one thing that worked for me was baby food, chicken or turkey only. Only ground up meat, no by products...and water to keep kitty hydrated...and call the pet shop, they probably know if there's an illness going around the shop. Good luck!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Take her to an emergency vet as soon as you can. Two days of vomiting and diarrea make a really dehydrated kitten, which could be life-threatening at that diminutive size. It is not uncommon for kittens in a pet shop to come from a kitten mill, and therefore being exposed to all sorts of less than sanitary conditions, so it's probably a given that she might have worms and/or stomach ailments. The vet will be able to deworm and determine what else might be going on. Don't delay it.
  • Jinx ClarkJinx Clark Los AngelesMember Posts: 9
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    I'm sorry if you bought a kitten from a pet shop that is unhealthy. It's typical though. Please take your baby to the vet.
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