My cat runs around like a maniac after he urinates

My cat Ben is a one year old male bengal. Everytime he urinates in the litter box, he runs around the basement as fast as he can! There is no blood in the urine, he doesn't cry out in pain, the urine is a normal amount and normal in frequency. He also doesn't bury it. As soon as he is done- he runs!! Any ideas. We thought it might be a UTI but he doesn't have any of the symptoms.

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  • Patricia ParkerPatricia Parker ClevelandMember Posts: 1,093
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    It may be just an old cat's tale (tail), but I've heard that the big cats and cats in their early wild days ran away from their urine so predators couldn't follow the scent and catch them. Domestic cats can't run away so many of them run around the house. I run back and forth in my home like Ben does. The feeling to run may be hard wired in our feline brains. MOL
  • Amber SassAmber Sass Member Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer
    Our cats do this, too. I always thought they just felt lighter and ran around to get rid of the excess energy they had (especially after poo). Just a guess, though.
  • Marlene MaloneMarlene Malone Jacksonville, FlMember Posts: 2,901
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    Meatball does that too. He'll get done with his business and will run like a lunatic into the living room then around in circles for like a minute. His vet said it was just like a burst o energy from relieving himself and nothing to worry over.
  • Karen HigbeeKaren Higbee Easton PennsylvaniaMember Posts: 74
    Accepted Answer
    Puff does this too! He has since he was a small kitten! Don't think it means anything, just one of those strange things kitties do!
  • Arran WalkerArran Walker austin / my studioMember Posts: 1
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    Yes, I do this after I pee, too, and especially after I poo. I'm just so relieved at being... relieved :)
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Member Posts: 4,011
    Accepted Answer
    I always do that whenever I use the litter box. But I have a clean bill of health from the vet so maby we just like to run
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